Whitestown Police Department Using WOLFCOM 3rd Eye Police Body Cameras

In May of this year (2018), Whitestown Police Department in Indiana purchased WOLFCOM 3rd Eye Body Cameras for all 26 patrol officers in their department.

Chief Dennis Anderson told WishTV 8 that “Agencies that have instituted these, who’ve had problems of cases where officers had resistors, those numbers have dropped dramatically,” He goes on to say that “They can capture things the camera sees, that sometimes the human eye doesn’t see,” Chief Anderson said. “It allows us again to have a permanent record of those events.”

Police departments across the country have implemented or plan to implement body cameras which have clear advantages over using just in-car camera systems.

“I relate it to the instant replay in the NFL,” Anderson explained. “It’s an opportunity to look at things from a lot of different angles, and not anyone tells the true story. It’s when you get to see it from multiple different angles, you’re able to get a much clearer picture.”

Lt. Ed Savage, also of Whitestown PD, said “The body cameras assist us as administration to see what our officers are doing in the field, to make sure general orders are being followed,”

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye police body camera is the most robust camera on the market, replacing the officer’s lapel mic so there’s no extra equipment to carry. It can also take HD quality video, still photos, audio only and GPS geotags video and images.

“More agencies are looking toward this. This particular make and model is placed in about 300 agencies across the country already,” explained Lt. Ed Savage, with Whitestown PD.

Watch WishTV 8’s story at http://www.wishtv.com/news/local/whitestown-officers-wearing-cameras.

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