WOLFCOM In-Car Camera Package Deals

First Vehicle Package

Get this car video system package for your first vehicle. It includes an In-Car Video System as well as a 12TB Workstation with our (WEMS) WOLFCOM Evidence Management System*. It’s everything you need to record, manage, and store all your in-car video. Note: You can also add body cameras to this package at any time for a Complete Video Solution.

Add Additional Vehicles

Includes In-Car Video System only. Additional In-Car Video Systems are integrated with the same Workstation as the first vehicle.

Alpha In-Car Camera Package Promotions

In-car camera packages

Add-on Camera

Interior Car Camera

WOLFCOM Interior View Vehicle IP Cameras is small to stay minimalistic and not obstruct the front windshield view. Our interior camera has infrared LEDs behind a black glass to decrease the emitting light for night vision. With this camera, you will be able to capture the view of the front passengers and rear passengers. Contact us for more information about our police car video system.

Add-on camera for the ALPHA in-car camera system.