Cloud Storage

 Our CJIS Compliant Cloud Storage is available for Law Enforcement & Government Agencies that need a simple and secure method to upload and store body camera video footage as well as other digital assets. Our servers are 100% secure and abide by the Criminal Justice Information Services requirements, word by word. Save time, resources, and space. Let us worry about your stored digital files so you don't have to.


CJIS Cloud storage for police body camera videos

What's so different from our cloud storage
compared to the competition?

Our Competition has left a lot of their customers with a sour taste for cloud storage. They promise your cost will always be predictable and the same. But it's not. They charge you to upload. They charge you when you download. They charge you for overages you didn't see coming. The bills they send you get higher and higher with each passing month until you find yourself standing in front of your city council trying to explain yourself. Don't let this be you.

Here's where we are different

We don't charge to upload or download. Our Monthly prices are fixed and you'll never have to worry about overages and hidden fees. If you ever stand in front of your city council, it's because they are applauding you.

  • Headache free
  • Dock it and Forget it
  • CJIS Secure
  • Free Video Redaction
  • Retention
  • Set User Permissions
  • Free User license for District Attorneys

Share files with limited-access users

Sharing digital assets has never been easier! Our Cloud Storage Service allows departments to easily share digital files with other departments, district attorneys, or substations by simply assigning them a new user. Permissions and privileges are completely customizable by an admin according to the situation's needs, making sure these users only have access to specific files.

Tier options

In order to better assist you and your department in addressing your storage needs in ways that fit your budget, we offer different tiers of Cloud Storage. Our lower tier package is a more viable option for individual officers, security agencies, private investigators, and small departments on a tight budget. But don't let its low price fool you! Even our most affordable tier is 100% secure and protected against viruses, malware, and unauthorized access. Our highest tier package is a more complete option for medium-sized and large departments looking for a CJIS compliant solution. With unlimited storage capacity and no extra fees (ever!), your department will never run out of space to store precious evidence.

Evidence comes in all shapes and sizes

We understand evidence doesn't only come from body cameras, that's why we designed the WOLFCOM cloud to be responsive to any type of device and accept files from any authorized account. Whether it's from a cell phone, tablet, or computer, users can upload files of the most various formats to the database. Manage files, tag and classify cases, see reports, and much more, all in the palm of your hands.