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This body camera offers 4G/LTE connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, SOS Button, Activation Triggers, Live Location Tracking, Live Streaming and more!

Weighing only 4.6oz, Halo is an ultra-light device that features a whopping 10 to 12-hour battery, High-Resolution Recording, and much more.

The most lightweight Law Enforcement body camera on the market. This camera is a 3 in 1 device and has options for POV camera attachments.

New! 4G Commander Body Camera

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The Commander by WOLFCOM® is a Smart Android Body Camera System designed specifically for Law Enforcement & Military. The Commander takes body camera technology to the next level by offering IOT connectivity through 4G/LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and GPS providing multiple options, such as direct to Cloud Storage, SOS Emergency Connect, Activation Triggers, Wireless Uploads, GPS Real-time Location Tracking, 2-way video communication via Remote View, Live Streaming and POC PTT (Push To Talk) communications by 4G/LTE Cellular. Later add-ons will include Facial Recognition power by Artificial Intelligence. Explore our collection of WOLFCOM body camera systems below. Explore our collection of WOLFCOM body camera systems below.

WOLFCOM®  has been in the Police Body Camera market from the beginning. Our very first body cameras set the standard for today's body worn police cameras. As of this moment, 99% of the world's police body cameras have modeled or copied our cameras in some shape or form. Our Evidence Management Software and its Automatic Video Redaction feature are again setting the standards that Law Enforcement Departments all over the world are following today. Find out why WOLFCOM is one of the leading police body camera manufacturers.

1,500 Agencies  •  35 Countries  • 19 years in Business • over 1,000,000 Sold Worldwide 

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Body Camera Package Deals

See our selection of 6 to 16 man body camera packages. Our Packages comes complete with Body Cameras, Docking Stations, Evidence Management, and Storage. 

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In-Car Camera System

The WOLFCOM Mini MDVR is a compact and cost-effective device designed for mobile video surveillance. Unlike other in-car systems, this unit combines the processor and a high-definition front-facing camera in one tiny device. 

Our CJIS compliant Evidence Management Software is designed to manage digital evidence in one location. Our User-friendly interface gives you a complete overview of your Video, Photos, Audio, and Documents. Integrates with 3rd party Police Body Cameras and In-Car Camera Systems.
Available in Cloud or On-Premises Storage

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FOIA Requests from the media or the general public can take a lot of time to fulfill. Using commercial video editing software takes too much time. With our Smart Video Redaction built right into our Evidence Management Software, you'll be able to easily redact faces, objects, and audio in minutes.

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Police Body Camera Experts

WOLFCOM® is known throughout the world as the experts in Police body camera design and development. Today, 99% of the body cameras sold in the world have followed the standards we set since the beginning. Our body camera expertise extends beyond the solutions we first began with. Today, we are also experts in Law Enforcement Software development and integration. Our Evidence Management Software is taking the police body camera industry by storm, once again setting new standards for the rest to follow. Police body cameras developed and sold by WOLFCOM® are used in over 1,500 police departments across the United States and worn by thousands of Law Enforcement officers around the world. 

Evidence Management Software

Evidence Management Software has become just as important as body cameras. Police officers in the United States alone record thousands of hours of police body camera and In-car camera video footage every single day. The amount of body camera videos is staggering and finding a way to store, organize, protect and encrypt recorded video is challenging. At WOLFCOM®, we developed the most robust, secure, and user-friendly Evidence Management Software that can manage every type of digital evidence a police department may need to manage. Using our experience designing police body cameras, we've built our software following CJIS compliancy guidelines mandated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations and use the most updated technology that will allow it to evolve with time and technology.

Automatic Video Redaction Software

Police body cameras are now worn by almost every police officer in the United States. Combine that with Police In-car camera systems and you now have thousands of hours of video footage recorded by police officers every single day. A majority of the recorded video is non-critical video, meaning it's not that important to retain for long. However, some of the videos are important evidence that can be used to either convict or exonerate a suspect, an accuser, or an officer. This has started a mass request for Video Redaction Software in order for Police agencies to comply with FOIA requests. Police agencies are scrambling to keep up and their only alternative is to be able to use Automatic Video Redaction Software. 


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Our nations Law Enforcement officers and First Responders risk their lives every single day in order to serve and protect us. Despite their honorable sacrifices, their integrity is under constant attack. To protect those that protect us all, our mission is to create the best police body cameras in the world. A body camera that will see and remember what an officer may have forgotten under stressful conditions. A body camera that will be the truth behind false accusations when an officer needs it the most, and one that will put the viewer right in the shoes of the wearer. We push ourselves to make the best police body worn cameras in the world because “Cops Deserve The Best”.


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Our WOLFCOM® units are assembled and tested vigorously up to 14 days before shipping. Our knowledgeable sales and technical support team will always be on hand should you or your officers need assistance. We have worked hard to make our WOLFCOM Body Cameras the best in the world and will continue innovating to bring you the best technology has to offer. Our body Cameras have to be the best

"Because Cops Deserve the Best!

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