Automatic Audio and Video Redaction

The WOLFCOM® Automatic Smart Redaction is fast and easy to use.

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Redact faces, license plates, and audio with ease.

Fast, Easy and Simple to use

3 Ways to Obtain Video Redaction

WEMS On-Premises Storage Solution

Video Redaction is included in every license of the On-Premises WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution

WEMS Cloud Storage Solutions

The Cloud version of our Evidence Management Software also offers built-in Video Redaction

StandAlone Workstation

This is a Standalone Workstation with 1 TB of storage exclusively for our Video Redaction Software

FREE 30 day Trial!!! 

Law enforcement agencies spend an unnecessary amount of time and money redacting videos before they are released to the public. In an attempt to facilitate their work, we have developed a video redaction software that is able to do automatic and manual redactions.

Every license of our WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software (WEMS) includes basic redaction. 

Screenshot of video redaction before facial blurring.

This form of redaction is done manually and it's absolutely free for all WEMS users. To redact a face or license plate with our free basic redaction, simply draw a square anywhere in the video and it will remain there for the entire length of the video. If the object moves, you can simply drag the redaction square to the correct place without having to draw it over again. It's as easy and simple as a basic redaction software gets!

Video redaction software.

Our Evidence Management Software also comes with an optional Automatic Smart Video Redaction feature that will satisfy all Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests. This feature is able to identify and redact faces automatically with a 99% accuracy. Once the smart redaction feature is open, it immediately points out and lists all faces in the video and,

with the click of a button, blurs all of them out in a matter of seconds. It saves time and money, letting officers focus on what's really important. 

Our knowledge and experience enable us to provide your company with the most technologically advanced video redaction software available in the market.

Try our Smart Redaction free for 30 days!