Automatic Audio and Video Redaction

The WOLFCOM® Automatic Smart Redaction is fast and easy to use.

English - Spanish - Russian - Thai

Redact faces, license plates, and audio with ease.

Fast, Easy and Simple to use

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Law enforcement agencies spend an unnecessary amount of time and money redacting videos before they are released to the public. In an attempt to facilitate their work, we developed a video redaction software that is able to do automatic and manual redactions.

Screenshot of video redaction before facial blurring.

Basic redaction is included free in every WEMS license. Redaction is done within the WEMS interface and is very simple to use. Or you can let our Artificial Intelligence redact your videos for you. Our Smart Redaction software is subscription based and does the work for you. Redact Audio and Video fast and easy.

Video redaction software.

Our knowledge and experience enable us to provide your company with the most technologically advanced video redaction software available in the market.