WOLFCOM Commander Police Body Camera

wolfcom x1 police body camera front screen
wolfcom x1 police bodycam on 360-clip rotatable clip
wolfcom x1 police body camera back

CCI Number: W0911184

The Commander by WOLFCOM® is the world’s first Smart Android Body Camera System designed specifically for Law Enforcement. The Commander takes body cameras technology to the next level by offering IOT connectivity through 4G/LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS providing multiple options, such as direct to Cloud Storage, SOS Emergency Callout, Activation Triggers, Wireless Uploads, Real-time Location Tracking, Remote View, Live Streaming, Facial Recognition, PTT by Cellular, AI and more.

The Commander features a rotatable Camera lens with built-in Night Vision Infrared LEDs that can be set to activate automatically when entering a dark area. With the adjustable lens, officers can adjust camera angle according to their preference. For maximum comfort, fit, and wearability, the mounting clip can rotate a full 360 degrees. Combined with a rotatable lens, the Commander can be comfortably worn with every type of uniform or body type.

The GPS location of each WOLFCOM® Commander Body camera can be tracked in real time on a map. Using our Commander Remote View Software, one camera or a fleet of cameras can be detected at any time. Watch live video footage of any Commander camera when your officers are out in the field. With our SOS Live Stream connect feature, Officers can relay live video footage including their GPS location to the station in the event of an emergency.

wolfcom x1 police body camera rotatable camera head
wolfcom x1 police body camera on hand

WOLFCOM Commander X2 Smart Docking Station

wolfcom x1 police body camera docking station

The Commander X2 Smart Touchscreen Docking station integrates seamlessly with both our WEMS On-Premises Storage solution and our WEMS Online-Cloud storage solution. The Commander X2 Smart Touchscreen Docking station can accommodate 8 cameras for charging and data transfer. At the end of their shift, Officers simply dock the Commander cameras into the docking station and it will automatically detect and upload all files to WEMs. Files are then managed, organized, encrypted, and protected. Access to WEMS is based on each Officer’s rights and privileges.

THE WOLFCOM Commander and WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software (WEMS) storage solutions are certified to be hackproof from wireless intrusion through its WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G/LTE connections. Its CCI status (CJIS Certificate of Integration) can be confirmed at www.PoliceBodyCameras.com/check-cci-status/