Police Camera Products

See our selection of  WOLFCOM® Police Camera Products, Police Body Cameras, Police In-Car Cameras, Docking Stations and Accessories, Evidence Management Software, Storage Solutions and Servers, as well as our Automatic Video Redaction Software.


Total Solution

This Total Solution is for Police Agencies that want a complete Body Camera, In-Car Camera, Storage and Evidence Management Software Solution.


Body Camera Upload Stations

X1 Smart Upload Station


In-Car Systems


Cloud Storage Solution

 Our CJIS Compliant Cloud Storage is available for Law Enforcement & Government Agencies that need a simple and secure method to upload and store body camera video footage as well as other digital assets. 


On-Premises Storage Solutions

Our Stand Alone Storage Solutions are used to store all of your digital evidence. Body camera and In-car Camera videos along with any digital evidence you may have, can all be safely stored in our storage solutions.


Standalone Smart Redaction Solution

This complete redaction solution offers an on-premises standalone server with our Smart Video Redaction Software pre-installed and a hard drive with 1TB of storage.  It’s ideal for departments that need a video redaction software but don’t want to use our cloud version and don’t use the WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software.



 Evidence Management Software

Automatic Video Redaction Software

MDT computer in police car.

Mobile App

Video Up-Loader


We've spent years developing police camera products for law enforcement professionals throughout the world. All of our police camera products are the results of thousands of feedback we have received from police officers over the years. Our police body cameras, In-Car cameras, and Evidence Management Software were all designed to work together to give you a complete solution from end to end. As we are always innovating, please be sure to check back with us from time to time for updated products and services. We're here to provide our customers with the best police camera products and services.