The ALPHA In-Car Camera System with Park and Upload Technology

Alpha Police in-car video system.

WOLFCOM’s Newest 3 camera In-Car Video System features a sleek, compact, all-in-one design. Small and compact, its low-profile design allows it to mount directly onto the front windshield eliminating shaky video without the need for clumsy mounting brackets. With a built-in front facing rotatable camera that records in full 1080P and a view angle of 140 degrees, the ALPHA features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, & GPS Direct Technology.  Alpha ‘s 3 Channel system can record the road ahead (140° FOV), cabin interior (170°) and road behind (170°) simultaneously. Quad HD + Full HD + Full HD resolutions with Sony Starvis Sensor capture super clear images giving all round protection. No matter what happens, the Alpha can be trusted to reliably capture evidence of incidents.

Alpha In-Car Video System

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  • Light Bar Activation
  • Syncs with Commander Body Camera for Automatic Activation
  • Speed Sensor Recorded on Video
  • Wireless Microphone Ready
  • Live Stream to COPS (Commander Online Platform System)
  • Wireless Offload to Cloud or On-Premises Server
  • Tablet Optional for Live View, Playback, Notation and Classification

7-Inch LCD Monitor

See what's happening in front and behind. This 7" LCD monitor is included as a standard package. View all 3 cameras at once. The front view angle confirms the camera is pointed in the correct position. The Prisoner cage angle lets you see what's going on and the Rear angle lets you see what's happening behind your vehicle.

7-inch LCD monitor for in-car camera system.
In-car activation button.

Button Trigger (Included)

The Bluetooth button trigger is an easy and convenient way to activate and deactivate recording. Its compact wireless design allows it to be placed just about anywhere in the vehicle and the rugged button allows officers to easily identify it without taking their eyes off the road.

Alpha Touchscreen Tablet

The optional Alpha touch screen tablet lets you View, Tag, Classify, and Notate video footage. It can also be used to download files from the Alpha camera and upload them into WEMS when the tablet connects with your stations WIFI network. Tough Case included.

Notation Tablet for in-car  video system police.
Alpha police -in-car eco system.
Add-on camera for the ALPHA in-car camera system.

Interior Night vision black and white camera (Optional)

ALPHA’s Interior-Facing Camera night vision camera records in black and white and sees in total darkness. 170-Degree wide angle lens. Perfect for the Prisoner cage area.

Rear View camera (Optional)

Placed in the rear of the vehicle, it will record traffic from behind. 170-Degree wide angle lens.

Add-on camera for the ALPHA in-car camera system.
X2 alone
Wireless Upload

Wireless Offload from Vehicle to Station

The Alpha In-Car System can wirelessly upload in-car videos into the WEMS Cloud or WEMS On Premises Server. As soon as your vehicle is within range of your network, Alpha will automatically connect and start the upload process.

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