Software for Law Enforcement Agencies

See our selection of police software designed to make your work easier. Our Evidence Management Software is designed to manage all of your digital assets and our Automatic Video Redaction Software can blurred faces and redact audio as well. Our Video Uploader makes it easier to upload large video files such as surveillance footage of crimes recorded by security cameras. Check out our full line of law enforcement software and body camera software below.

Evidence Management Software

FREE trial for Qualified Police Agencies. Manage, Organize, Encrypt, and Protect your digital assets with our CJIS-compliant software!

Automatic Video Redaction Software

FREE 30-day trial. Blur faces and mute Audio on video files with ease. Our machine-learning AI will do it all for you with the click of a button!


WEMS Lite is the world's first FREE Evidence Management Software and it's available for everybody!

BodyCam Sync

Never drag and drop again! BodyCam Sync™ will automatically upload files from your body camera to a folder on your computer. 

Body Camera MDT Mobile Client Software

Save time and money by Tagging, Classifying, and adding Notations while out on the field.

Video Uploader

Uploads multiple large files at a time and displays upload status in real time.