Police Body Camera Testimonials

Find out why everyone loves WOLFCOM®


the north ogden police department uses wolfcom body cameras

North Ogden Police Department, UT

"I certainly love the size of the Vision. It’s really easy to use. [About] the Halo, the guys that have those, they haven’t really complained about the size. Probably the biggest pro they have on that is the docking port versus the cable to plug it in." - Lieutenant Jeremy Hindes


the university of arkansas at monticello police department uses wolfcom body cameras

University of Arkansas at Monticello
Police Department, AR

"I remember when we first got the Vision cameras, before the WEMS came out, everything was very complicated, in the early beginning stages of everything. Now, with the WEMS Management system and the Halo cameras, he showed me how to set up one camera, one time and it has been such a breeze to be able to go through there and take 5 minutes and have camera setup, working how it should, assigned to that officer, all the features done correctly, it just made it so much more camera management-friendly.

Staying with WOLFCOM now, for the past 4 years, the leaps and bounds from where it first was to where it is now, it’s been phenomenal. I think y’all are doing a good job keeping up with the growth and keeping it user-friendly for the officers to be able to harness that technology in a way that I don’t have to go and take night school to be able to learn how to operate them.” - Officer Adam Barnes


fort recovery police department in ohio uses wolfcom body cameras

Fort Recovery Police Department, OH

“I like the size and the weight on them [Visions] and the fact that you pre-record. I also like the fact that they didn’t have the infrared on them but they did have the LED flashlight function, cause I don’t want a camera seeing more than I can see. Infrared is actually a deal-breaker for me.

[About the WEMS] I like that so far. I can’t say I have a favorite feature but maybe the retention. The retention schedule, I like having that ability so I don’t go in and purge our records per our retention schedule.” - Chief Jared Laux


lindsay police department in oklahoma uses wolfcom body cameras

Lindsay Police Department, OK

I like the clarity of the video and the audio works very well [on the Halo]. They carry good evidence about you. Being able to show incidences in court, that way the jury or the judge can see exactly what happened instead of having a testimony stated to them.

Considering this is the second body cameras we’ve ever used, I would recommend them [WOLFCOM].” - Chief Clint Wood


fayetteville police department in WV uses wolfcom body cameras

Fayetteville Police Department, WV

“Once we've seen the Halos, we liked the night vision aspect of it. That's why we started switching. Also the size, and officers seem to like them because they are more durable.

[About the WEMS] I love it. It's very easy to operate, very easy to find things, to download, I like it." - Sergeant Glenn Chapman


george county sheriffs department in Mississippi uses wolfcom body cameras

George County Sheriff's Department, MS

“We’re happy with them [WOLFCOM], you can’t really beat the price. We are pretty content with the way it goes. You know, we’re not a real big department here where I’m at. Here, we have to consider what our budget is and we have to work with what’s available to us and this has worked very well." - Deputy Chief Ronnie Castille


city of anthony police department in texas uses wolfcom body cameras

City of Anthony Police Department, TX

“Overall, it [Halo] served the purpose that we needed it. It was the product that had the life span as far as the battery goes and it wasn’t bulky like the ones we were carrying and the image quality was good.

I love the video quality on the Halo. Overall, like I said, it’s not a bulky item and it’s very user-friendly. The evidence manager is outstanding because we can keep track and have the availability to be able to tag certain incidents and we’re able to retain it for a period of time that we set retention periods. So, overall, it’s a good tracking tool and it allows us to serve our community well and, both, the community and the officers know they are in good hands because WOLFCOM is very dependable. I love it. The best feature, I think, is the tech support. We call them up and you guys are there immediately.

[Body cameras] reduced citizen complaint rates by maybe 40%. It holds the officers accountable to their actions and then, again, it also helps them because they know when they do the right thing, it will be caught on video footage. We have citizens or individuals that have come in to complain and, during the course of it, they found that the officers were vindicated. It’s helped out tremendously." - Chief Carlos Enriquez


columbia college police department in sc uses wolfcom body cameras

Columbia College Police Department, SC

“We did some research and other agencies had highly recommended your company and everything looked good from the research and the reviews that we got about WOLFCOM, so we decided to go with WOLFCOM.

We’ve only used them [Vision Body Cameras] for recording. I know it has the ability to also take pictures, we hadn’t done that. But definitely for overall recording of interactions with someone.

The WEMS is easy to use, no problems with it. It’s very user-friendly.

I think when we do go on calls and we turn them on and they see the red light blinking, the person that we are interacting with, in all honesty, it kinda changes their attitudes towards the police. Because if they know you’re recording, he’s less likely to do something that could hurt him later down the road. In other words, it helps them kinda straighten up and cooperate

It’s a very good product, I highly recommend it. It’s user-friendly, easy to navigate, the software. I’m not a technical guy, I’m old school, I’m the last one that’s technical on the planet Earth, but this is very easy. If you can pick up and operate an iPhone, then you’ll be able to navigate the software and use this camera. It’s a great product, you’re all doing an excellent job" - Chief Wayne Jamison


ward police department in arkansas uses wolfcom body cameras

Ward Police Department, AR

“The first time we bought the WOLFCOM was because of the rotatable lens on the camera. And we upgraded to the new models [Halo] we just recently purchased because of the battery life. It [Halo] is easier to operate, the battery lasts an entire shift, they [officers] don’t have to worry about trying to charge them halfway through.

There have been complaints against officers, we watched the footage and turns out the complaints were invalid.

Any department that’s interested or looking into body cameras should very seriously consider your Halo camera. It’s an excellent product, ease of use, and an excellent battery life." - Chief Steve Benton


snowline school district police department badge

Snowline Joint Unified School District P.D., CA

"I picked the WOLFCOM 3rd Eye because it’s not just a camera, it does other things. I can take still photos, I can take audio and it also doubles as a [lapel] microphone. We’re thinking of switching to the new one [Halos]. I really like the fact that WOLFCOM [body cameras] are more than just a camera. I’m pretty happy with WOLFCOM.

I really like the Evidence Software. The latest update, I can blur out videos, I can edit it, I like the video editing software, it’s pretty impressive. That’s a pretty good deal. We’re pretty happy with it. The new [update of the] video software has the ability to import other [formats of] videos. So I can take video from other cameras and import it and use it with our body cameras videos, it’s pretty neat.” - Chief Bryce Mibeck


city of norway police department in michigan uses wolfcom body cameras

City of Norway Police Department, MI

“I went out and looked at a lot of cameras and decided on your [Vision] camera based on size, the length of time that we’re gonna be recording, and ease of use. That’s why we went with you.

My council saw that it lowers [costs] over time ’cause you don’t go to court. My insurance company loves it because they have a 3rd eye there if something goes wrong, so they see it as a protection for insurance companies, too.

We’re a very small community, your word is your bond, and it [body camera] backs my officers up 100%. If somebody comes in and wants to complain about my officers or complain about the way something was handled with them, I say ‘hold on, I’ve watched the video, would you like to watch it yourself?’ and, as soon as they find out that there’s a body camera or video of the incident, they change their mind.

I have referred WOLFCOM to other agencies." - Chief James Shafer


kenton county police department in Kentucky uses wolfcom body cameras

Kenton County Police Department, KY

“I really like the [Halo] camera. It works well and is easy to use. It took a few days to get used to the size difference but I don’t even notice it now.  It has great video but it did take me a few days to determine the best placement as it does not have an adjustable camera like the vision has." - Sergeant Jason Fields


los lunas police department in tennessee uses wolfcom body cameras

Los Lunas Police Department, TN

"The officers actually like the Halos. It’s easier for them to remember to turn on. One of the biggest features why the officers like it is the opportunity to set it so that it vibrates every 5 or 10 seconds. This way, it notifies them after the call. If they get in their car, they don’t forget to turn it off and waste a bunch of battery life.

These body cameras have helped us in many cases. There was some evidence that was lost, we couldn’t locate it. It happened to be some drugs. The video camera actually caught what he had in his hand and when it fell off his hand. We were able to determine he didn’t do anything illegal. It was just an accident. It fell off his hand while he was trying to put stuff in the trunk of his car. We also have great footage of an officer-involved shooting that was deemed to be a good situation. The officers were justified in what they did, so that was also captured. It’s always been a wonderful tool. It allows us to keep tabs on what our officers are doing, how they’re acting and making sure that we are giving the community the best service that we can provide, professional service.

The reason why we stayed with WOLFCOM was because of the fact that the software allows third-party media to be uploaded into the program. We have other cameras that aren’t WOLFCOM, we have surveillance cameras and other stuff that are other brands, so it made it easier for us to be able to keep all that stuff in the same software instead of having 2 separate servers or storage areas. That was the main sell." - Lt. Jose Hernandez


milan police department in tennessee uses wolfcom body cameras

Milan Police Department, TN

"The 4 officers that are using them [Halos] like them, they don’t want to go back to the old ones. I gotta talk to the Chief, but we may be switching everybody over to the Halos. What the officers like is the one button on the front. You just tap the button on the front, it records, you tap it again and it stops.

We constantly use them on DUIs and drug cases. Once they find out we have body camera videos, their attitude usually changes. If the Chief has a complaint on somebody, he comes back here, I pull the video up and he watches it. There’s no disputing a video

I like the WEMS, the security part. On our other cameras, if you know a little bit about computers, you could access the videos. With this, there’s no access. I don’t see any way that you can hack these videos. I would refer them in a heartbeat. We had a little issue the other day with the extractor, Scott remoted in and fixed it. The tech support is really good." - Lt. Jeff Goad


bonanza police department patch

Bonanza Police Department, AR

"I like the Vision's features and the size of the camera. One of the things I really like is the rotating camera head. It allows us to wear it in multiple positions. When we’re doing interviews inside the station I can set it up more as an interview camera. We’re a super small department, so we have kind of have double duty. We use the cameras basically almost like a notepad and we’re able to conduct our interviews and do that on the scene and not spend a lot of time writing but be able to go back and review these and get all the little details that we may miss if we just put on paper.

About the WEMS, I like the ability to actually create an entire case file within WEMS and then be able to burn that into a CD. I can upload all documents, other pictures and everything, and create a complete case file and then hand that CD out, it’s much easier. I also like that the videos are non-proprietary, in other words, I can send that to the prosecuting attorney and be able to do that without having to have multiple places and different software to view the video." - Chief Michael Barber


south lake emergency medical services uses wolfcom body cameras

South Lake Houston
Emergency Medical Services, TX

"I like the size of them for what we use, for our uniforms. They are small, they are compact, they are portable. For the most part, they are pretty cost-effective, so if one of them gets destroyed or broken or whatever, and we need to replace them, it’s not a terrible cost endurance to replace the cameras.

About the WEMS, I like the way you can assign cameras to people. So, I can assign a camera to John Doe and I can look up John Doe and find out every call and every run he’s made to be able to view that footage, it helps finding footage easier." - Mr. Billy Slagle


noble police department patch

Noble Police Department, OK

"As far as the feature we like most on the Halo, besides the auto night time [night vision] feature, is definitely the one-press button that does everything. To turn it on, start the video, stop the video, then to turn it off.

Instead of trying to go on there in our old system and try to hunt up 3 different officers, find their folder on the hard drive, find that date, and find the videos from there. On the WEMS, you can go in and just search all videos from this time frame and it brings up all of them. For myself, for the Records Clerk, we have full access to the system so that we can see everyone’s videos at one shot and we can pull all the videos from one time at one shot instead of having to jump around and dig." - Officer Jared Cox


bella villa police department patch

Bella Villa Police Department, MO

"For the departments out there that don't currently issue body cameras, I would highly recommend them [WOLFCOM]. WOLFCOM provides a good quality camera for a decent price, especially considering the competition out there." - Chief Jeff Welge


niles police department patch

Niles Police Department, OH

"We have found WEMS and Wolfcom body cameras to be a reliable and cost-effective solution to our BWC (Body-Worn Camera) needs. Storing our own data with WEMS on our own server has saved us thousands each year compared to other companies we researched." - Chief Jaisan Holland


temple police department patch

Temple Police Department, GA

"We have been using body cameras from Wolfcom for approximately 3 years now. Each officer is issued a Vision camera and we have had great success with them. Not only have they assisted the officers with gaining evidence on calls and traffic stops, but also helped exonerate officers when complaints are filed. The picture is great and the movable lens has come in handy several times. They give the courts and public a view if what the officer is looking at when the event is taking place. We also use a camera in city court placed on the bench pointing directly at the offenders when they appear for arraignment.

We recently purchased two Halo cameras to replace two worn out Vision cameras. The Halo camera is outstanding and the quality is excellent! Even better than the vision. The Halo is built better and user friendly. So far we haven’t any issues with them and will upgrade as other Vision cameras need to be replaced.

I would recommend the Halo camera for all agencies. Not only is the camera excellent, the customer service is also outstanding!" - Lieutenant Jim Hollowood 


marmaduke AR patch

Marmaduke Police Department, AR

"I was promoted to Chief of Police in January and have had to work closely with the people of WOLFCOM during my transition. They have been very helpful with training and quick to answer questions. Our department has had WOLFCOM for awhile now with all of our officers wearing VISION cameras. I have started replacing them with the new HALO camera. The officers using the HALO say they are a better camera and are easier to use and down load. Thank you WOLFCOM for your help and support toward law enforcement." - Chief Scott Chambers


Hawk - Private Security Officer

"Halo unit: Just phenomenal video! Photos and video are just terrific! Easy to use, easy to download and charge with the docking system, small enough to go anywhere, GPS, time, date imprinted, and great for every day use. Just an outstanding combination of features and quality! We will order more..." - Hawk


Michael Garidel - Private Security Officer

"I just wanted to let you know that I love this [Halo] camera! It's the best thing you guys have created so far." - Michael Garidel


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Corrales Police Department, NM

We recently just transitioned to the new Wolfcom Halo Body Camera. Our Department has been wearing the Wolfcom Vision cameras for over the last 4 years. We had been extremely happy with the reliability of the camera. Upon receiving extra money to replace our current Vision cameras I started doing some research, and did try out some other BWC companies. After numerous trials by Officers on other BWC, and feedback from officers I decided to keep with Wolfcom. I studied several models of police body cameras, did comparisons, trial demos, and found that the Wolfcom police body cameras fit us a lot better.

Upon looking at the Wolfcom, I was looking at the purchasing 3rd eye police body camera. Our officers wanted something with better night vision capabilities. Upon talking with sales at Wolfcom, I was advised of brand new camera they would be releasing in the near future the Halo Body Camera. With all of the features he described it seemed like a perfect fit for our department so we arranged to purchase 20 of these cameras. We finally received the new Halo’s 3 weeks ago. After a few glitches, just a matter of getting the right setting thanks to the help of Tech supports Scott Killebrew. Nevertheless, we are one of the first Police departments to get the new Halo so we are still learning.

The officers so far are extremely impressed with the features of the Halo. The WOLFCOM Halo police camera features infrared LEDs for lowlight and nighttime situations. Our officers currently have the Infrared settings to come on automatic in low light situations. They video quality a night has been amazing during nighttime situations with very clear video in the darkest settings. The 1080P High Resolution recording and the 140-Degree Wide Angle lens gives area of what is being recorded. So far, battery life has not been an issue. We are still experimenting with all of the numerous setting to see what works for our department. 

We are one of the first departments to receive the Halo. So we will continue on working with the Wolfcom tech support who has been outstanding with the transition of the new Halo.” - LT. David Wiley


benton county AR patch

Benton County Environmental, AR

"I wanted to take a quick moment and thank Wolfcom for the awesome service provided and product produced. Our agency is a small law enforcement agency, but we were treated like we were just like a large agency making a huge purchase. Every member of the Wolfcom team has been a real pleasure to work with. The Halo1700 has been a great product. The software is easy to use and the camera itself is built rugged, easy to use and has great video and audio quality. Using the Halo1700 has dramatically changed the way we collect video evidence (in such a positive way). The tech support staff was available to answer my questions and operations has been smooth. So to Marko, Katherine and Scott we appreciate what you have done for us. Thank you." - Officer Timothy Filbeck


Kendall Smith - Individual Agent

"I just tried out and set up my [Vision] BodyCam. Just wanted you to know it works perfectly! I could not be more pleased with your device. I had ordered a cheaper device last year from China and it was junk, would not even charge, much less actually work.  

For that reason, I made sure yours was made in the USA before trying it. I work at a Women's University and really needed video documentation to protect me from false charges. Great product, easy to use." - Kendall Smith


fort recovery OH patch

Ft. Recovery Police Department, OH

"As a small police department we have been very pleased with our Wolfcom cameras and software both. They have both multiple functions but are easy to use. The staff has been equally as good as the cameras and the software making the entire experience a good one. We have had two other types of body worn cameras in the past and these are our favorite and most dependable." - Chief Jared L. Laux


glacier MT sheriff office badge

Glacier County Sheriff’s Office, MT

"We received your Wolfcom body cameras and evidence management software a couple weeks ago.  We set the system up and issued the cameras.  So far, the cameras and the evidence management system have been working fabulously. The Deputies love the body cameras, citing their small size and easy operation. The software interface is easy to use and works great. The sharp design of the interface is aesthetically pleasing and follows the age-old military rule of “KISS”. (Keep it simple, stupid). Every problem we have run into, and there have only been a couple, were easily handled by your staff over the phone. Your support staff have been friendly and helpful throughout the entire process.  Only time will tell if they hold up for the long haul, but with your tough camera design, stellar support staff and “budget friendly” pricing, I don’t foresee any problems. We are very happy with our choice to change over to Wolfcom!!" - Captain Tom Seifert


ben hill county sheriff office badge

Ben Hill County Sheriff's Office, GA

"The Ben Hill County Sheriff's Office received our WOLFCOM Vision body cameras in 2017. The cameras provide great audio/video, are lightweight and easy to operate. WOLFCOM has been extremely helpful with any issues we've had and provide an excellent turnaround time. Especially since we are on opposite sides of the country. The staff is very responsive and helpful. The issues I mentioned have been few and far between. The 2.0 software system upgrade has been easy to use and was a seamless transition. The tutorials that were included have been helpful, especially to our newer deputies."


Univeristy of Arkansas patch for Police

University Of Arkansas at Monticello, AR

"We have been using Wolfcom cameras for several years now. The cameras are some of the smallest lightest cameras that I have come across that still have great picture, video, and audio quality. The new Wolfcom software is extremely user friendly and makes preparing casefiles easier than ever. I would recommend them for use by other law enforcement agencies." - Officer Adam Barnes


Osage city police badge

Osage City Police, KS

“Prior to making a body camera purchase, we spent two years researching various brands.  We decided to purchase the WOLFOM VISION because it is the best-priced quality product designed specifically for the needs of law enforcement.
At first, our officers were apprehensive about the use of Police body cameras.  Within the first month, the Vision Body Camera saved two officer against false allegations.  The officers now love wearing the cams!  They especially love the small size of the camera, ease of use and unbelievable power built into such a small package. 
We not only have a quality camera and software system, we are very confidential with the people behind WOLFOM who know every aspect of their products, and return phone calls extremely quickly.  Their tech support is incredible!” - Chief Fred Nech


Titius County body camera testimonial

Titus County Sheriff’s Office, TX

“Our police officers like the ease of use of the WOLFCOM VISION police body camera and that you can just put it on easy mode. The WOLFCOM VISION body camera is just easier and more reliable to use overall compared to our previous police body cameras. The video quality is just as good if not better. Our officers have reacted positively and it’s been great.” - Lt. Michael Garcia


police testimonial about WOLFCOM body cameras

Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, TX

 “Our police officers like them. One of the reasons I decided to go with the WOLFCOM VISION cameras was because of its size. We did a lot of research and a lot of the other cameras were big and bulky. I come from a patrol background and I wouldn’t want anything big and bulky that I wouldn’t want to wear out there on patrol. The VISION is small and compact and has all the same functions of the bigger bulky ones.”

 “Our police officers also like the rotating swivel lens feature, that’s a big plus... and the metal casing is a good feature. We had another plastic police body camera that we were trying out and it got knocked off and smashed in a struggle with a suspect, so the video was ruined.”  - Lt. Robert Hinojosa


la jolla police department body cameras testimonial

 La Jolla Tribal Police Department, CA

“I did a lot of research and approached a lot of vendors to compare police body cameras. We wanted something that was inconspicuous and we liked that the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE police body camera also doubled as the microphone that hooked up to your radio,”

 “Our police officers picked it up pretty quickly. It’s simple to use. We were very impressed with the quality of the picture and sound that the camera produces. We recently shown them to police officers in other departments and they’re impressed with them too. They liked all the things we liked; its use as a microphone, the clarity of the picture and sound and most of all, the price,” - Chief Ray Otero.


police body camera testimonials

Watch the video

Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

South Euclid Police Department, OH

These quotes refer to video of a police involved shooting captured by a WOLFCOM 3RD EYE Police Body Camera in Night Vision mode. The video cleared the officers of any wrong doing.

"This was one of the most clear cut videos I've ever seen with regards to a police involved shooting. The video was so clear, it couldn't have been any more descriptive if the media was standing directly over the officer’s shoulder shooting it. The camera captured everything, including the suspect saying, "Kill me, kill me!" The way that the officers handled themselves in this situation was textbook and professional from start to finish, as evidenced by the video." - Lt. Jim Wilson.

"With everything that was going on at the time in the news, the riots in Ferguson, I was very thankful that I had the camera on and I've heard from everyone who saw the video that what we had to do was the right thing. It's [the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE] a great tool, you can see the way it really was in real time." - Officer Steve Wilson.

"The body camera video was critical without a doubt in this situation, especially with what's going on around the country with other police involved deadly force incidents where there is no video evidence. I am afraid to speculate on what may have happened if we didn't have that video of the shooting and it was just the officer's account of what happened that night." -Lt. Jim Wilson.

"The video left no room for doubt as to what happened, words can not express how valuable it is as a tool. That changed my whole thinking on the cameras. Now I have one with me all the time because you never know when you're going to need it. A body camera is an invaluable tool and every officer should have one to protect themselves." - Sgt. Rick Friedl.

"Once the grand jury cleared me of any wrong doing, it was over. The story was only out for a day and it went away. I'm sure if there had been no video or there were lingering questions, we would have been in the news for months. It's also helpful for the public to see it the way we saw it and know that we're there to help them in these life and death situations", said Officer Wilson.

"The fate of an officer involved in a deadly force incident rests in the hands of the grand jury. Without video evidence, they must make their decision based solely upon the officer’s testimony and whatever additional evidence there may be. The fact that there's a video gives the officers peace of mind that the grand jury will see the truth of what actually took place", explained Lt. Wilson

"A properly worn body camera which displays what the officer was experiencing simply takes 90% of the guesswork out of a situation. In today’s society, everyone else has video cameras, cell phones etc. Why shouldn't the police have them as well?

Whose video would you rather have displayed in court? Some blurry cell phone video from a bystander that could potentially be altered, or secured video evidence directly from the body of the officers involved? The bottom line is, if an officer is out there doing what they’re supposed to be doing, that camera's only going to help them. If they're not, then shame on them", said Lt. Wilson.


police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Runnels County Sheriff’s Department, TX

“Our department was all in favor of the purchase of the cameras and did extensive comparison and research online. Our officers like the ease of use, HD quality and rotatable camera lens of the WOLFCOM VISION cameras. Some other officers from other departments have seen our videos and said that the quality was real good."

"It's basically a witness. Once you have video that should cover everything, people's stories can change, but the video doesn't." - Deputy Steven Gray


police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Rupert Police Department, ID

“Our department needed to upgrade our old cameras and we were looking for replacement body cameras that were lighter and easier to take on and off quickly, but were steady enough that they wouldn't be knocked off too easily. We liked the WOLFCOM VISION Body Camera's ease of use and features."

 "The cameras are very important. Having video reduces the risk of liability and improves our service to the public, so it's a win-win for everyone. We’re excited to use the new cameras and plan to purchase additional WOLFCOM accessories for the cameras in the future” - Lt. Jeff McEwen 


police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Saguache County Sheriff’s Office, CO

“We considered police body cameras to solve the problem of officers not always being in view of our police car-mounted cameras. The body camera goes where you go. Our officers like the multi-functions; that you can use it to record audio or video."

"It's nice to have when someone levels a complaint because the video makes it easy to resolve the issue and we can prove exactly what happened. One guy came in all fired up over a ticket and was making all kinds of complaints. The video proved that our officer kept his composure and acted professionally.”- Undersheriff James McCloskey.


police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM
police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Pinehurst Police Department, NC

"Our officers didn't want to carry around an extra piece of bulky equipment on their belt. Real Estate on your belt is a premium. This just replaces an item that's already being used, the radio mic. That factor and the ease of use made this choice a no-brainer. "We also liked that you’re able to use the camera to look around corners without exposing the officer to any potential danger is an important feature. Anytime you can improve officer safety in the field, that's a big deal."

“We're glad we found it [WOLFCOM 3RD EYE] because we would have settled for an inferior product. WOLFCOM’s cameras were half the price for twice the features. An easy sell to my board, more value for your money" - Chief Earl Phipps


police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Azle Police Department, TX

“We conducted an assessment of various cameras. We had some demo cameras sent to us and compared capability and price. Based on those two criteria, WOLFCOM blew away all the competitor's cameras. Our officers like the various functions including the fact that the cameras can be used day and night and do not need ambient light. The infrared is way ahead of several competitors. When we compared the demo cameras, we realized other brands did not have all the capabilities of the WOLFCOM." - Lt. Bill Russell


police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Brazoria Police Department, TX

“I think body cameras are a lot better than car cameras. With car cameras there’s a risk that the officer can go out of frame, especially if an officer goes into a house for a domestic violence call, a car camera isn’t going to capture that. With body cameras, you see everything. Even when you’re searching a car and find narcotics, the camera captures exactly what the officer sees, so no one can say something was planted.”

 “They didn’t think they were going to like them, but they like ‘em now. We’re glad we got them, they back us up. Our officers like the clear HD picture and the clarity of the night vision. It’s great, you see everything really clear, it’s a real good picture. They also like the capability of taking still shots, the recording time and battery life are great and you can use it as a radio mic.” - Sgt. Carlos Garcia


police body camera testimonial

The US National Park Service in Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA

“The previous police body cameras we used were plastic and didn’t last long; they were fragile and had short battery life. The WOLFCOM police body cameras were more durable and cost-effective than any of the other police body cameras we were looking at. I also liked the clarity of the image quality and the simplicity of use. I wanted to get them in the field asap. I like my police officers to wear them on their belts, so size was also a factor.”- Chief John Fish


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Perryville Police Department, MO

 “We choose the WOLFCOM® 3RD EYE Police Body Cameras after getting a favorable review from another police department that was using them. We were looking at ways to document citizen contact better" - Chief Direk Hunt


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Pojoaque Trail Police, NM

“We liked the WOLFCOM’s storage capacity, the audio, video, and picture capability, we liked the clarity of the video quality. We also liked that there are attachments for the camera and we’re planning to purchase those in the future” - Police Chief Frank Rael


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Walker County Environmental Crime Unit, TX

“After talking it over with my chief, I bought a first generation VID MIC. When I was ready for a new police body camera, VID MIC was falling apart so I was introduced to the WOLFCOM police body cameras by a park and wildlife unit that was using them. I snatched it up. Immediately I liked the screen on the back, being able to see what I’m recording, also the infrared night vision capability, the fisheye lens, and the quality was better than the one I was using. Also, the activation switch made it super easy to use. With the old one, I was constantly worried if it was on and recording. With the WOLFCOM, you just turn it on and forget about it. I’ve been very satisfied with the camera,” said Knight.

Knight has had and maintained his WOLFCOM 3RD EYE police body camera for four years. The same unit has lasted and continues to operate just fine. “We maintain our police body cameras because we consider them a valuable tool” - Investigator Robert Knight


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Biltmore Forest Police Department, NC

 “I studied several models of police body cameras and did comparisons and found that the WOLFCOM police body cameras fit us a lot better. In terms of uniform placement, they have a good memory and they’re tough. Police officers are pretty rough with equipment so it’s good to have tough cameras. Also, I liked the different mounting options and rotating lens. I like to wear my camera on my pocket. Other police officers like to keep them on their belt or lapel, so I wanted to make as many officers happy as possible with the mounting options. Also, we liked the police body cameras small size. We looked at some other police body cameras like which look like this huge camera on your chest, it definitely stuck out and you’re carrying enough equipment, so the more compact police body camera was better for us.” - Police Officer Ken Merritt 


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

 Hope Mills Police Department, NC

“We were going for small and inexpensive. We had been looking at a few different police body cameras and WOLFCOM’s were smaller than any of the ones we were looking at, and the cost was also a factor” - Captain Mark Philips


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Lincoln Police Department, NH

“We looked at a lot of police body cameras and the ones we were considering were too cost prohibitive for a small department like ours. I learned of WOLFCOM when I went to a conference and the guy next to me had a WOLFCOM police body camera, and he told me about it. Then we talked to some other departments who had WOLFCOM police body cameras and they said good things about them.”

 “We liked all of the features that the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE Police Body Camera has and we plan to order some of the WOLFCOM VISIONS for our other officers. We liked that everything is in one piece; we don’t need to carry around a camera, voice recorder and other equipment. We also liked that you can see at night. The video quality is as good or better than most of the other cameras we looked at.”

“We tried them out first by sending them out with officers in the field to test. Overall they were fairly easy to use. They liked it and each officer was able to figure it out by playing with it and testing them out” - Chief Theodore Smith 

 “One of the features that made the WOLFCOM police body cameras desirable was the combination of radio mic and camera. Combining the two takes up less room” -Officer Michael Stevens


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Santa Paula Police Department, CA

“The WOLFCOM VISONS were chosen by the officers themselves after considering, testing and comparing various police body cameras. The WOLFCOM offered the best resolution and battery life and had higher capacity for video storage. There's a positive reaction overall to the cameras from the officers. They find them necessary to assist in everyday functions and they are helpful if there's an issue or complaint against an officer, we can prove what happened. They see it as evidence that they're doing their job correctly" - Officer Chris Thompson

“The WOLFCOM police body cameras are priced well and are of good quality. Our officers like the fact that they’re small. Other body cameras we looked at were big and uncomfortable, but the VISIONS are small and inconspicuous. Cops carry so much gear on them that size of the body camera is a major factor to consider.”

“I’ve been in law enforcement 35 years, all through Rodney King and OJ. Now, we’re at the point where we have to protect ourselves. When I came on, the police officer was always given greater credibility in these situations, but that’s changed. Now with technology and cop-related TV shows that showcase all this high-end technology, there is a high level of expectation that every department should have video, and if you don’t there’s some suspicion by the public as to why not?” said McLean.

“At first I wasn’t a fan of the idea of police body cameras, there were a lot of concerns from officers about using them and even public concerns about privacy and fourth amendment rights. Ferguson is what really did it for me and most other law enforcement officials to convince us that they are necessary… now the only concern is “what are the guidelines?” said McLean.

“Now I think we really need them to protect ourselves from false allegations. In the next ten years, I can’t imagine a police department not having body cameras. I can’t imagine why a chief wouldn’t get these cameras for their department. It’s still a work in progress and we’re still trying to figure out policy questions, but they’re an important part of our equipment now.” - Chief Steven McLean


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Eagle Point Police Department, OR

“I saw police body cameras as having value for what we do. We researched four of the top police body cameras on the market and came up with WOLFCOM as the body camera that fit our departments needs best.”

“I liked the wide-angle view and clear pictures that the camera produces. The video is very clear and the audio is good. It’s also easy to download into our system. We’ve also had great customer service, we had a few that needed to be repaired and they were serviced and returned right away.”

“Our officers really like them and there’s been no resistance to using them. We like that the VISION camera, when you turn it on it vibrates to let you know its working and recording. Also, the night vision on the 3RD EYE works well, we like that feature” - Chief Vern Thompson


Denton County Police Department Precinct #5, TX

“We’ve been satisfied with the WOLFCOM police body cameras. They are nice and compact and take great video, so they worked out very well. Our police officers like the on button with vibration. With the old Vidmics it was hard to tell if it was on or not, but our officers like that when you turn the WOLFCOM on, there is a vibration to let you know it is working. They also like its small size. It’s not this big piece of equipment on your chest, and that you can adapt it to wear it in many different ways” - Deputy Troy Nivens


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office

“One of the main reasons we upgraded to WOLFCOM 3RD EYE Police body cameras is for the night vision capability. Body cameras are pointless unless you can see at night and in low light since a lot of incidents take place at night. Being able to record in these conditions is mandatory otherwise you might as well walk around with just an audio voice recorder. The night vision on the WOLFCOM camera is very good. We’re also impressed with the cameras picture quality compared to previous police body cameras we’ve used. Outstanding video. Night and day literally. It’s a good camera, well made” - Lt. Taylor Marlow


Police body camera testiominal about WOLFCOM

Louisa Police Department, KY

"After reviewing several different police body cameras, we decided that WOLFCOM had the best quality police body cameras for the most reasonable price. The WOLFCOM 3RD EYE is awesome, it does everything you need and it even has a radio mic in it. The VISIONS are great during the day but don’t have the same night vision capabilities. I wish I had ordered more 3RD EYES” - Chief Greg Fugitt


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Daleville Police Department, IN

“We liked the video quality of the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE, it’s so clear. The audio is great too. We also liked that we could use the camera as our shoulder mics. It helps out a lot so you’re not carrying all this extra gear and cords and stuff hanging out all over you.”

“The body cameras have helped out a lot with our domestic cases and recently they helped with the first homicide case we’ve had in 20 years. Our officers pulled up to the scene and caught the suspect stabbing the victim and they caught it all on police body camera and that’s going to be used in the case” - Chief James King 


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Jamestown Police Department, KY

“We’re a small department, so we got together and did some comparisons between a few different police body cameras… everyone looked at the specs for each body camera and a majority of us decided we liked WOLFCOM best. Its small compact size was one of the major features we liked. When you’re carrying all this police equipment on you, it’s all about space. We also liked that it had pre-record and could take still pictures.”

“Our officers were able to learn how to use them quickly. They work great, the video is great. We had the capability to record interviews before but this is so much more convenient to be able to record with the body camera and not to have to set up the video camera” said Kerns.

“The WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras have been effective in a recent major juvenile rape case where two of the cameras were used to interview the suspect. Since we got them, this interview is the first serious crime where we’ve used body camera footage. The video quality is great and the cameras are proving to be very useful in this case” - Sgt. Jeff Kerns


Fremont St. Vegas Experience Security, NV

“The VISION Body Cameras are light-weight and go on our uniforms well. They keep our officers in check. It also helps with guests. It’s just a tool that helps with our everyday work and we plan to get more of them in the future. We looked at other model police body cameras, but we picked the WOLFCOM VISION because it is very user-friendly and you can’t go wrong” - Robert Gallego, Director of Security


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM
Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Breckenridge Police Department, TX

“We’ve had body cameras for years, but they were the cheap ones. We needed to upgrade. Some of our officers had purchased WOLFCOM police body cameras on their own, so we knew of them, but those were the ones with the microphone [WOLFCOM 3RD EYES] and they don’t manufacture the right cable for it to work with our radios, so we went with the VISIONS.”

“The WOLFCOM video quality is in hi-def and is much clearer than the previous body cameras we were using. Our police officers like that the WOLFCOM police body cameras vibrate when you start recording so you know they’re on and working. The previous cameras couldn’t stand up to the rough treatment our officers put them through and they were constantly breaking. So far, the WOLFCOM cameras are working out, so far so good” - Chief Larry Mahan


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Solano Community College Police Department, CA

“I was familiar with WOLFCOM because we had previously tested the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE camera but ultimately didn't like the placement of that unit on our uniforms. So I looked at the Vision and liked the pre-record capability and the ability to angle the lens all made sense.

“My deputies like all the features; the vibration that lets you know it's turned on and rolling, they don't have to worry about their camera accidentally turning on like with ViVue. They like the pre-record, and the video and audio quality are also excellent. The deputies and officers assigned to the college were excited to get the WOLFCOM and have embraced the fact that they have become part of their uniform."

“When you compare $900 each for the Vivue cameras vs. the $280 each for the WOLFCOM Vision cameras, economically it just makes sense. WOLFCOM is so much more versatile. In my opinion, everything about it is better than other cameras I’ve seen” - Chief Eric Thelen


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Warrior Police Department, AL

"I looked on the internet and read about WOLFCOM's police body cameras and liked the way they worked and were designed. I liked the size of the body camera, and the way it attached to the uniform and that it had a rotating lens so you could put it in different places on your uniform. Everyone likes the fact that they're fairly easy to download and they're versatility, that you're able to move them around and adjust them on your uniform, and the video is great. The quality of the video and audio is really good" - Lt. Cory Archer 


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Dumas Police Department, TX

“I talked to other departments about the cameras they used and got quotes from different companies. Basically what it came down to was that the WOLFCOM body cameras give you more bang for your buck. Aside from the price, the size and ease of use were factors that made the WOLFCOM VISION cameras stick out, also the rotating camera lens that allows our officers to configure and adjust the camera to their body types and the video quality is excellent" - Sgt. Nick Jordan


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM
Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Mississippi County Sheriff’s Department, AR

“I was driving down a two-lane road and saw a car coming at me head on driving on the wrong side of the road. I swerved into the ditch and hit a telephone pole right at about 40 miles per hour… and my camera and my name badge broke off and flew right out the open window on impact. It landed about 15-20 feet outside the car… It [the body camera] must have hit the ground just right, so it turned on… the first images when I played it back are of it looking at a patch of grass, then you see me come over and pick it up a few minutes later, and it recorded for about an hour after that”.

“I was fine, a little sore, but OK. The camera just got one little dent on the front face of it. I scratched up the telephone pole a bit and took out a phone box. The car was totaled” said Stracener.

“I purchased my WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Camera to try it out for my department. It works pretty good so far. I’m 6”1’ and I was wearing it on my shoulder and it was constantly looking at the sky, so I started clipping it on my chest. I like the e-z mode, where you just touch one button to turn it on." And now Deputy Stracener likes the cameras durability, too. “So far, so good” said Stracener.


Police body camera testimonials about WOLFCOM

Brantley Police Department, AL

"One of the things we liked immediately was that the camera doubled as a lapel microphone for our radios. We also liked that for less money, you could get a better camera with 1080P quality and more features and options then the other cameras we were looking at in the same price range. We also liked the 3RD EYE's night vision capability" said Morgan.

"We depend on our equipment a lot, the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE body cameras have been absolutely helpful in the field. We use them in everything we do. They're especially helpful in domestic cases and traffic stops. We use the night vision a lot too, it really works well" said Morgan. "Everyone likes them and finds them easy to use and figure out. We like all the features" - Assistant Chief Drew Morgan


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Newport Police Department, AR

“We were happy with the price. WOLFCOM had much better prices then some of the other police body cameras we looked at. We also reached out to other police departments in the area that use body cameras and got feedback from them. WOLFCOM cameras got very good recommendations from the departments that used them. We also weighed the size of the cameras and watched sample videos to see the quality of the video the cameras produce. We were happy with the quality and size of the WOLFCOM VISION. Also, the WOLFCOM police body cameras received positive reviews and references” - Lt. Patrick Weatherford


Dickson Police Department, TN

“With the other cameras, we had difficulty figuring out how to use them. Sometimes, the officers would think they were turned off and they weren’t. You don’t have to read a manual to figure out how to use the WOLFCOM VISION. You can basically pick it up and start recording right away. It was easy to get the software and cameras set up and running,”

 “It’s small and durable because of that aluminum casing. I already dropped mine and it works fine, no damage. I also liked that you can rotate the lens up and down so the officers can adjust it based on their height. It picks up good audio and there’s easy to understand software. I also like that no one can access the camera without the software so it’s secure out of the box. We had our guys try to access the camera on their computers without the software and it won’t work, so it’s good that they’re secure.  Our patrol officers like that the body cameras are lightweight and easy to operate. The video is perfect, even with the still pictures, the quality is very good and the storage data capacity is great” - Lt. Todd Christian


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Fyffe Police Department, AL

“I studied different body camera models for about five months before deciding on the VISION. I was mainly concerned with price and what the body camera had to offer. The WOLFCOM VISION body camera offered the best fit for our department. I liked the size of the body camera and the simplicity of use, that you just flip one switch to turn on and that you can tell it’s on and working right away. I also like that you can use it as a car dash cam. It’s simple to use. So far everything seems to be working fine, the video and picture quality is very good. I’ve gotten only good feedback so far” - Chief Dale Manning


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Corrales Police Department, NM

“We did a lot of research, talked to neighboring departments, studied police body cameras on the internet and talked with different body camera manufacturers. In addition to the cost and durability of the VISION body camera, we found WOLFCOM really easy to deal with and very competitive”.

“The combination of versatility, ease of use and durability puts the VISION in a class by itself. The swivel lens makes it really easy to use as a combination car camera and body camera, which saves our department about five thousand dollars per car from having to put in dash cams. The cost of the cameras is reasonable, also the availability of the online training videos is a huge plus. Our officers can just go online anytime and learn how to use the features by watching the training videos, much better than just sending a user’s manual” - Chief Victor Mangiacapra


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM
Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

San Luis Police Department, AZ

“Half the officers wear it on their lapel, the other half wear it on their uniform in the middle of their chest, by their shirt buttons. The video and picture quality is awesome, the officers had no issues on learning how to use them. Most of them are using them for taking still photos at crime scenes. They really like that they can do that [take still photos] in addition to the video. Also, they like to use the flashlight LED feature on the night shift” - Sgt. Joel Sauceda


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Moraine Valley Police Department, IL

 “It was the best bang for your buck. We wanted a second generation body camera with pre-record capability, HD quality video at the right price, so it was a combination of factors that made us choose the WOLFCOM VISION body cameras. We like the video and audio quality. We like the light weight of the camera, size, and weight as minimal as possible in a unit that seems to be solidly built. Also, the adjustable lens is a great feature. The rotating lens provides more positions for wearing the camera on your uniform. We have different sized officers and this feature allows officers to adjust them to get the best camera angle for their body shape and size. That feature will hopefully work out well for us” - Lt. Mark Wilkans


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Pawnee Police Department, OK

“The main feature we liked is the body cameras’ portability. It can be clipped on your shirt, epaulet, belt, almost anywhere on your uniform and the lens can swivel and you can even clip it to your visor to make it a car camera. We’ve been using them for about a week and we’re enjoying them. They take good video and audio and also they take good still pictures, our officers appreciate that feature. You can take pictures with them on the spot without having to run back to your car and get a digital camera. The HD video quality is great, just as good as GO PRO. I’ve used mine already on a few domestic calls, vehicle stops and even a narcotics investigation where I needed it to affirm what happened. Body cameras are almost a must in today’s world and these VISIONS work great” - Assistant Chief Wesley Clymer


Police body camera testimonial about WOLFCOM

Major County Sheriff’s Office, Ok

"We liked that they are small, lightweight and have a rotatable lens so you can adjust it for the best angle. We also liked that it has a built-in flashlight and you can take still pictures with them. You can do everything with the WOLFCOM VISION body cameras” - Under Sheriff Darin Reams.