Commander Notation System
Tag, Classify, Notate, Dictate, Sync

Commander Body Camera Notation App

Available as an ADD-On License Application on the Commander Body Camera, the (CNS) Commander Notation System allows Officers to playback and review video according to their rights and permissions. Officers can tag, classify, and enter both voice and text notations to videos and photos taken with Commander. When the Commander body camera is docked at the end of a shift, the classifications and notations are synced with WEMS.

Agencies can save thousands of dollars annually in overtime pay by having officers do the work on the field instead of later at the station.

  • Data can be synced to WEMS Enterprise Cloud
  • Data can be synced to WEMS Enterprise On-Premise Server
  • Data can be synced over VPN
Body Camera notation System

Main Features:

  • Quick-Tag of Favorite Classifications.
  • Detailed Tag, Title, and Description.
  • Dictate Voice Notation appended to Video.
  • Playback of Audio and Video.
  • Automatic Sync to WEMS Enterprise.