Beware of Windows 10 update 1809

Lately, we have been getting an unusual amount of calls about errors and bugs on our WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software 2.0 and Extractor. We didn’t know what could possibly be causing those issues until Microsoft released a statement about its latest Windows update being a defective one. According to the very own Microsoft and several blogs and forums, the 1809 Windows update has been causing many different issues due to missing files, so much so that they have paused the rollout of this update until further notice. Continue reading “Beware of Windows 10 update 1809”

Why Police Departments are looking for a full software solution

Running a police department is no easy job. Aside from all the obvious issues they deal with on a daily basis, managing and keeping up with all the software installed in their servers is a hard task on its own. Having one software to perform each function is a waste of time and resources for the department and its members. That’s why many police departments have been requesting one software that works as a complete solution that’s able to manage all their digital evidence as well as extract videos from their police body cameras and in-car cameras.

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Why the WOLFCOM Cloud is better than the others

Cloud storage has been growing exponentially for the past couple of years and it’s easy to understand why. It’s a much simpler and easier way to store digital assets than the old school on-premises servers. Cloud doesn’t take up any space in the department, doesn’t require an IT team, and stored files can be easily shared and accessed from anywhere. It’s supposed to be a headache-free solution but that’s not what most departments experience when choosing to go with cloud solutions offered by some companies out there, and that’s why we are different.

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On-premises and cloud storages: the pros and cons

When it comes to storing digital assets, police departments are always torn between on-premises and cloud. This article will get into details about both types of solutions, making it easier to understand both concepts in an attempt to help law enforcement agencies decide what’ll work best for each one of them.

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Why having a good Evidence Management Software is important

We all know what it’s like to look for a file in our computer and get lost in a sea of unorganized, poorly named folders. It’s not any different with law enforcement agencies, except their files are of extreme importance and lives possibly depend on it, unlike that old picture of your dog you were trying to find. Having a good Evidence Management Software can solve that problem, but it doesn’t come cheap.

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Everything you need to know about Video Redaction Software

It’s no news the police body camera market has been growing rapidly in the past few years. But, attached to rapid growth, always comes unexpected issues. Because of the Freedom of Information Act, police departments found themselves spending thousands of dollars every year on redacting videos to be released to the public. Aside from being costly, video redaction is a job nobody wants to commit to because it’s simply monotonous and time-consuming. With that in mind, body camera manufacturers started implementing basic and advanced video redaction features in their evidence management software, and it has been a game changer for police officers

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