Communicate and Livestream from Anywhere in the USA, Canada or Australia

Instantly connect with your Agents with a push of a button. See Live Video, Audio, and GPS location of everyone on your team. Communicate with Voice using PTT (Push to Talk) over a 4G LTE Network or you can send Text messages to one another.

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The "Commander" is an Advance Push to Talk Device with the Following Capabilities:


  • Nationwide Push to Talk Coverage over Cellular & WIFI Networks

  • Live Video Streaming from Device to your PC

  • Real-Time GPS Location and Fleet Tracking of all Users

  • Emergency SOS Button Sends Live Video and GPS info to Dispatch
  • Built-In Body Camera that Records at the Press of a Button

  • Create Different Communication Groups with Assigned users

  • Text Messaging Between all Devices & Dispatch

  • Historical Archive of all 2-way communication and text messages

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Commander Online Platform System (COPS)

Manage, Monitor, Command, and Control from the comfort of your desk. 

You'll be able to watch live video from any Commander camera when your Agents are out in the field. In the event of an Emergency, Agents can activate our Emergency SOS Connect Feature. With a push of a button, the Agent’s Commander camera will activate a distress call and immediately send live video and GPS coordinates direct to Dispatch. Each Commander Camera can be tracked in real time on a map. Using COPS, one camera or a group of cameras can Livestream back to Dispatch simultaneously. Communicate with each Agent on your team or a group of Agents with the PTT (Push To Talk) Button.

Perfect for companies that need to:

  • Track and Communicate with Employees.
  • Manage several Groups and Fleets.
  • See Live video stream from multiple users.
  • Record Audio & Video for liability purposes.
COPS WOLFCOM Command Center System.
COPS Push to talk over cellular

2-Way Radio Communication over 4G LTE Networks

Log into COPS and easily create your different groups. Assign each user to a group and your all set to go. Use the space bar on your computer keyboard as a Push to Talk Button. All 2-way communication is stored on the system and your be able to easily playback voice transmissions. Send & Receive Text messages with ease!

Track all your employees in Real-Time

Track all your users from COPS and see Turn by Turn Real-Time GPS Location Tracking of everyone on the move. Perfect for Fleet Management, Delivery Companies, Shipping companies and more.

COPS GPS tracking 2
COPS Livestream

Remote into a Users Camera and See what they see

With Livestreaming capability, you'll be able to see Live video from up to 6 cameras simultaneously on the COPS Command Center. Live streaming can be started from the camera itself or from Dispatch.

POC 2-Way Push to Talk Diagram

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