BWC Accessories for the Halo Police Body Camera

Extend the capability of the Halo BWC (Body Worn Camera) with these accessories

For Law Enforcement Only

clip for the wolfcom halo police body camera

Halo 360-Degree Clip

Model: Halo Clip

Use the Halo Clip to mount your Halo body camera to your uniform or car visor. For maximum comfort, fit, and wearability, the durable metal clip rotates a full 360 degrees!


magnetic clip for the wolfcom halo body camera

Halo Magnetic Mount

Model: Halo Magnetic Mount

WOLFCOM’s new Magnetic Mount allows you to mount your WOLFCOM Halo Police Body Camera anywhere on your uniform in a matter of seconds! The magnets are extremely strong, making it one of the most reliable body camera mounts in the industry!


pin lock clip allows you to mount your halo police body camera anywhere on your uniform

Halo Pin Lock Clip

Model: Pin Lock Clip

Our new Pin Lock Clip is the most secure and versatile body camera clip in the market! It can be mounted anywhere on the uniform and allows officers to easily attach and detach the Halo using only one hand.


epaulette clip allows you to clip your halo police body camera to your shoulder epaulette

Halo Epaulette Clip

Model: Halo Epaulette Clip

This shoulder clip allows you to mount your Halo to the shoulder epaulette.



this mount allows officers to use the wolfcom halo police body camera as a police in-car camera

Halo Car Mount

Model: Halo Car Mount

The WOLFCOM Halo can be turned into an affordable in-car camera with this easy-to-use suction mount. Simply attach it to the camera and mount it on the vehicle windshield.



the halo body camera has an optional single docking station that's able to transfer data and charge one Halo body camera at a time

Single Docking Port

Model: Single Docking Port

The Single Docking Port is able to charge and transfer data from one Halo. 



docking ports are able to charge up to 8 wolfcom halo body-worn cameras

8-Slot Docking Port

Model: 8-Slot Docking Port

Docking port replacement for X2 smart upload stations. Comes with all necessary power supply and cable. This 8-Slot Docking Port is able to charge and transfer data from up to 8 Halos simultaneously.



body camera battery pack

External Battery Pack

Model: 10400

Need more battery life? Battery extended battery pack will give the Halo up to 30 hours of continuous non-stop video recording.