Why We Need Police Body Cameras

Police officers have their lives on the line every single day fighting for justice. Although a lot of people disagree and think police officers abuse their powers, it is a necessity to have such a force protecting our streets and protecting our citizens. Without the police, we would live in anarchy and everything would be possible and visible. Let’s be completely honest here: some people don’t commit murder because it is illegal and because they are afraid to get caught. This should never be the case but, unfortunately, it is, and if the mindset of our society doesn’t evolve past murder and death, we evolve at WOLFCOM Police Body Cameras.

The fact that our police officers receive training and are armed doesn’t mean they are completely immune to harm, and a lot of them end up with the biggest consequence of all when they are working, or due to their job: death. We can never forget that they have families and friends, waiting for them to get home safe from another day of protecting our cities. Training itself is great, but no amount of training can turn our police officers into superman replicas. Avoiding the consequence of death is certainly a topic that needs to be active and alive at all times in our minds. If we can save at least one life, if we can help at least one person get home safe to its family, we immediately feel amazing as citizens and as fellow human beings. It is in our nature to live in society, and we should act accordingly and help each other improve, in this case, improve in the field of security and mindset.

Although the police force works properly and with good findings, they have to be divided between quite a few areas, different squads, different equipment, different training, different operations, and all that. Nevertheless, most money spent with the police is either to pay officers or to find ways to keep them safe while performing their duty. From the latest advances in technology, police body cameras are a hot topic. Either because people believe they are required in order to avoid police brutality, either because people believe they are required in order to protect officers and ensure they are performing their duty properly, or even just to have court proof of what happened to police officer A or B.

Police cameras are pricey, and they can reach up to four digits in price ($1.000!) which is just something most police departments can simply not afford. If a police department has 100 officers (for the sake of math) this is a price of 100,000$, and these cameras end up getting broken on duty and often need replacement or repair, but we will not count this in. At the price these cameras have, it would almost be a sound strategy to simply pay some criminals not to choose a life of crime, which would be a ridiculous alternative, removing legitimacy and credibility from our police officers.

At WOLFCOM, we understand public security is a necessity that can never be overlooked. If anything can be done to help, it must certainly be done. This is why we have managed to create a body camera for police officers that has everything that other cameras have – or possibly more – at less than 1/5th of the price mentioned above. Our Wolfcom vision police body cameras cost only 199$ and that is certainly better than the price of most body cameras. The importance of these low prices is way bigger than expected, and it isn’t visible at first, but as soon as we think about it, we can see that the price difference can actually be used for maintenance, it can be used for equipment or further officer training, or if the authorities decide, the budget used on this type of equipment can be reduced, and used towards officer education or further health care.

Our Wolfcom body cameras are tested and keep on evolving as the world around us in order to be the best out there, at the most affordable price. Our body camera manufacture process is designed to create long-lasting cameras, able to endure the physical hazards a police officer faces on duty. Reducing the maintenance costs is also a necessity, since the economic crisis has reduced the budgets our country has for basically anything. This crisis has also taken its toll on our police departments, and they consistently facing smaller and smaller budgets, even leaving some officers unequipped when it comes to body cameras.

We are highly satisfied we our Wolfcom vision body cameras, we are satisfied with the results our hard work has provided us. Nevertheless, we at Wolfcom will keep developing and improving our work in order to ensure our leadership in what we do. Ensuring our police officers are safe and equipped is a priority to us, and that will ultimately be visible in public security and the reduction of crime in general.

Reducing crime and improving security in our society is a moral obligation for everyone, and everyone should try to make improvements in the field of security. Saving lives is the best reward anyone can have, and respecting the risk police officers take is essential. They save lives, and we help them do it through our technological improvements and financially accessible equipment. At Wolfcom we do our share of the work in order to improve and keep everyone safe, by collaborating with police officers in terms of equipment.

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