What makes WOLFCOM 3rd Eye better than the rest

With the overwhelming increase of interest for Police body-worn cameras, the Wolfcom 3rd Eye is better than the rest of the body-worn cameras on the market for several reasons. More than just the average body worn camera on the market.  It is a fact that the Wolfcom 3rd Eye was the very first body-worn camera to record in 1080P full HD.  The 3rd Eye Body worn camera system has specs that are more advanced. Being the only camera with the exclusive OTR switch (one-touch record) makes it even easier for Police officers to start recording video and audio because they already have the OTR switch in the upright position making it ready to be activated at any moment. Officers will never miss any type of situation.

The GPS geotagging stamps the longitude and latitude coordinates onto every video file. You can review the route taken on video simultaneously on a map next to it and as the video moves so does the dot on the map. It is such a valuable tool for the officers that don’t have a moment to stop and try to remember where an incident happened or where the evidence is that they had to go back and find after a chase.  It is all recorded.  Night vision mode is the next benefit of the 3rd Eye that officers who have tested find useful. Even in 15 feet of complete darkness the Wolfcom 3rd Eye can record video and take digital pictures.

The request for testing and evaluating the 3rd Eye is heightened with the Police departments awareness of how advantageous body-worn cameras have become. Video footage of any altercation, event or situation can save a department millions of dollars in legal fees.  The job of the 3rd Eye body worn camera is in favor of showing proof that a police officer was innocent and that they are honest in their duties of enforcing the law. Everything recorded is password protected so no one can tamper with the footage. No one can delete or edit what has been recorded only an authorized person from the department has that authority.

Where else can you say that you have found a body camera for law enforcement that is 16 megapixels, can record 17 hours of video, take over 20,000 photos and record 500 hours of audio? The Wolfcom 3rd Eye is the indispensable tool that will provide all that for a department. A multi-purpose, multi-functional tool Law Enforcement can’t afford to pass up.

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