Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office Enjoying their WOLFCOM VISION Body Cameras!

law enforcement agents at the black hawk sheriffs office in iowa use wolfcom body cameras

WATERLOO, IA- The Black Hawk County Iowa Sheriff’s Office recently purchased 34 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras. The purchase also included 3 docking stations, 3 covert POV Cameras, 4-hour battery packs and Evidence Management Solution by WOLFCOM software.

“Like any police equipment, body cameras need to be durable, easy to use and practical. We designed our WOLFCOM VISION with direct feedback from the officers for this reason. We are pleased to hear that the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office like using the WOLFCOM VISION as their body cameras. We design the best because cops everywhere deserve the best!” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Sgt. Thomas Nichols is managing his department’s body camera program. He says they’ve been helpful.

“We decided to start a body camera program because of all the public hype after Ferguson. Mainly we wanted them for officer protection against false complaints. I found out about WOLFCOM after doing online research. We immediately liked the VISION’s small size. There’s another agency nearby that uses a different brand of body camera and it looks like they have a big brick on their shirts. The other factor we liked was the VISION’s price point fell into our budget,” said Nichols.

“We tested the VISION and got good feedback from the officers. We were able to try it out in different spots and on different shifts. We did a wide range of testing and WOLFCOM came out good. Our deputies found it user-friendly, most of the guys really liked it. It was also easy to download using the software. It took us a little while to tackle the software and the IT department was very helpful and responsive in helping to get us set up. The video and audio quality are great. We’ve found the body cameras very useful in cases,” said Nichols.

“Most of the deputies wear them on their chest, but a few wear them on their epaulettes. Our body camera policy says our deputies must use them whenever they contact the public and on all calls they must activate them,” said Nichols.

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