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CCI number W0230182

The WOLFCOM Vision Police Camera

How to mount this body camera

Docking Station Video

Use as an In-Car Camera

The Wolfcom Vision™

This Police Camera can record and store over 18 hours of video, 180 hours of audio, and take over 28,000 digital photos. It is a video camera, a digital camera, and a voice recorder, combined into one single lightweight unit. It's made with aircraft grade aluminum and has a wide-angle camera lens that can be rotated up or down allowing the officer to point the camera in the correct direction according to his or her height or stature.

wolfcom vision body camera with mounting clip
Police Officer wearing vest and camera.
wolfcom vision body camera on rotatable clip
Police body camera female cops

Over the Gun Recording

Our Police Cameras are known for its rotatable camera head that can be adjusted so that the body-worn camera can be worn on the shoulder. This placement allows body camera video to be recorded over the shoulder rather than from the center of the chest eliminating the possibility that an officers firearm may be blocking critical video.

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Main Features of this police camera:

  • 2.5 hours of continuous non-stop recording (up to 24 hrs with optional Battery Pack)
  • It's a Video Camera that records up to 18 Hours of Video
  • It's a Digital Camera that takes up to 28,000 Digital Photos
  • It's a Voice Recorder that records up to 180 hours of audio
  • 1080p High Resolution recording
  • 120 Degree Wide Angle lens with rotatable camera head
  • Critical Re-Connect Technology™
  • Future Technology Ready ™
  • Camera Flash and Flash Light
  • Up and down Rotatable Camera Head
  • Splash Proof NANO Technology™
  • Dual Microphone
  • Pre- Record Buffering from 60 seconds to 30 minutes with or without audio
  • Ability to Stamp an Officers Badge number onto Video and Photos
  • Vibration confirmation and low battery alert
  • Video Streaming out for Optional Live Remote View
  • Simultaneous Photo taking during video recording
  • One Touch Record Switch
  • Anti-Video Deactivation Technology™
  • Headset Camera Capable
  • Eye Glasses, Sunglasses, Collar, Epaulette, Cap Camera
  • Covert Pinhole Button Camera for Plainclothes Detectives
  • Night Vision capable with External Night Vision Camera
  • In-Car Camera Capable
  • Programmable Public Awareness Light
  • Password Protected

Future Technology Ready ™ (FTR)

The Vision Police Camera is Future Technology Ready. We designed our police camera to be ahead of its time and ready to integrate with future technology that either doesn't exist yet or is still in its infancy stage. This means it will be several years before the Wolfcom Vision becomes outdated.

Critical Re-Connect Technology (CRC)

Developed by Wolfcom Enterprises, this Patent Pending technology protects the police officer from loss of audio and video recording should the external camera or POV (Point of View) camera become detached from the Vision police camera.

The WOLFCOM Vision police camera is the very first body camera system in the world with Critical Reconnect Technology that will protect an officer in that critical moment when his head or collar mounted camera is yanked off during a struggle with a suspect. Many headset type body cameras incorporate a one camera system. This means that if the camera gets yanked off or destroyed, all audio and video will be lost.

The WOLFCOM Vision™ works on a two camera system. The primary headset camera records the main event and the secondary on board camera acts as an emergency backup. In the event the headset camera is ripped away, the secondary camera will resume audio and video recording of the incident. The Vision police body camera accepts different types of headset cameras including cameras that can be attached to glasses, hat, baseball cap, or helmet.

One Touch Record (OTR)

wolfcom police camera one touch record

The Vision police camera can record up 18 hours of video at 1080p resolution. To begin recording audio and video, the officer simply needs to slide the One Touch Record switch to the DOWN position.  While recording video, he can simultaneously take photos by pressing the center button on the camera. To stop recording, the officer simply sliding the One Touch Record switch to the UP position.

Vibration and Visual Confirmations Alerts

The unit has vibration confirmation when activating and de-activating recording.  At any time, an officer can look down into the top of the unit at the status indicator light to confirm if his body camera is ON and Recording. This same status light cannot be seen by the public.

Public Awareness Light

The Vision is the first-ever Police Body Camera that features a Public Awareness Light (PAL), that's located on the front of the unit.  The purpose of the PAL is to inform the public that they are being recorded.  Designed to promote good behavior from the knowledge of being recorded, the PAL can be programmed to flash during recording, stay steady on or never turn on at all.  The PAL is completely programmable to your preference.

Audio Voice Recorder

The Wolfcom Vision also has a voice recording option for recording sound when no video is needed. Perfect for recording victims or witnesses statements, especially when they are camera shy. During questioning, an officer can simply detach the unit from his body, switch the Unit to Voice 

public awareness feature on wolfcom vision police camera

Recorder Mode and hold the unit like a microphone in front of the person being questioned or place it down on a table. The body camera can store over 180 hours of audio recordings.

16 Megapixel Built-in Digital Camera with Flash and Flashlight

This police body camera can take up to 28,000 photos. Should the officer wish to take digital photos, he/she would switch to Photo Mode, turn the unit on and press the center button to snap a photo. The Vision has 4 Super bright LEDs that works as both a camera flash and flashlight. During a nighttime traffic stop, the Officer simply activates the flashlight by pressing on a button on top of the unit. The flashlight will illuminate the officers' traffic citation book as well as the occupants of the vehicle allowing the officer to keep both hands free in the event he has to reach for his weapon. He no longer needs to hold a flashlight in his hands.

Instant In-Car Video Camera

clip your wolfcom vision police camera to a visor

The Wolfcom Vision police body worn camera can also be used as a police car dash camera. Just clip right onto the window visor. No need for a windshield mount that will only get in the way. When the officer gets into his vehicle, he can quickly clip the Wolfcom Vision camera onto the window visor. When he exits his vehicle, he can unclip it from the visor and attach it onto his uniform.

Advanced Pre-Record with Audio

The unit also features configurable pre-record with buffer time up to 30 minutes at 1080P resolution with audio and at 16:9 aspect ratio.  With pre-record enabled, events from 60 seconds to 30 minutes before the activation of the camera will be recorded. Audio recordings can also be configured to be on or off.

Above the Shoulder View

The new Wolfcom Vision™ Police camera can be worn horizontally on a shoulder epaulet. By rotating the camera upwards 90° degrees the unit can be clipped on to the shoulder epaulet instantly making it an above the shoulder camera.

Configure it to your preference

We know that the number one problem with body worn cameras is mounting onto a human body. That's why we made the Wolfcom Vision™ configurable to fit every body type. YOU choose what's comfortable for you!

Vice police officer wearing bullet proof vest and wearing body camera

Ability to add Secondary Cameras

Audio and video inputs on the unit let a police officer attach a variety of secondary external cameras allowing the officer the ability to choose between a dozen mounting options in order to choose the most comfortable configuration. Point Of View Cameras can be attached to the Wolfcom Vision making it the most versatile police camera offering a multitude of choices for all types of law enforcement situations.

The Most Comfortable Headset Ever!

external POV camera attachment for wolfcom vision police camera

Our POV Head Vision™ headset camera is specially designed for law enforcement and with a built-in microphone can be worn comfortably on the head and will not fall off during a foot pursuit. The headset connects directly to the Vision body camera. For maximum comfort, the Officer can choose to clip the Wolfcom Vision to his uniform or onto his belt.

Clip-On Camera for Point of View Recording

The Eye Vision™ (POV) Point Of View camera with built-in microphone, can be clipped on to a police officer's cap, helmet, shirt collar, epaulet, sunglasses, safety glasses, or prescription glasses allowing the officer to see and record in the direction his head is facing. Once the Eye Vision camera is plugged into the Wolfcom Vision A/V port, the main camera on the Vision is deactivated and all audio and video recording is taken from the external Eye Vision POV Camera. The same camera can also be clipped onto a baseball cap, hat, helmet, or shirt collar.

external POV camera attachment for wolfcom vision police camera

External Night Vision Camera

night vision optional camera is available for wolfcom vision police camera

Need Night Vision? Connect our Night Vision Camera with built-in Microphone to the Vision™ and clip onto your pen pocket. The Vision body camera then clips onto your belt for a low profile look. Night Vision infrared LED's can be activated with a push of the button. The range of the night vision camera is approximately 20 feet.

Car Mode

The Car Mode function enables the unit to be used as a police in-car camera system.  The unit will begin recording video when the vehicle ignition is activated and will stop recording video when the vehicle ignition is de-activated. If desired, the Wolfcom Vision™ can begin recording when a siren is activated (Additional Installation and parts will be needed for Siren Activation). When docked, the Wolfcom Vision™ and all of its accessories will also be charging. This would allow an officer to always have a fully charged body camera.

Extended Battery Pack

Adding an optional battery pack will extend the battery life of the Vision body worn camera to 24 hours of continuous non-stop recording. There's also a smaller battery pack as well, which gives your Vision a total of 5 hours of recording time. 

Docking Station and Management Software

The Wolfcom Vision police camera can be docked into a docking station. Docking stations are modular and can connect to each other. Each docking station will charge and download the files from the main unit and also charge the extended battery module.  The docking station can be connected to a workstation via USB which allows automatic transfer of recorded videos, digital photos and audio recordings to the backend solution, the Wolfcom Management Software.  Once the files have been transferred, they are processed, tagged with all meta-data and secured with a SHA2 hash. The Vision police camera is designed with "chain of custody" and security in mind. The memory of the 

wolfcom vision police camera docking station and wems

unit is not removable. The camera is sealed with security screws and can only be opened by a Wolfcom technician.  When the unit is plugged into a computer, files cannot be accessed without the correct software and password.  All of this ensures that your evidence cannot be tampered with.

"The VISION is small and compact and has all the same functions of the bigger bulky ones.”

 - Lt. Robert Hinojosa

"Our officers like the ease of use, HD quality and rotatable camera lens of the WOLFCOM VISION cameras."

 - Deputy Steven Gray

"We liked the WOLFCOM VISION Body Camera's ease of use and features."

 - Lt. Jeff McEwen