Frequently Asked Questions About the
WOLFCOM Vision Police Body Worn Camera


Q: How does the Wolfcom Vision body camera compare to TASER Axon Flex and Vievu's? Do you have a comparison chart that compares other body cameras to yours?

A: Yes. Please click here to see our comparison chart.


Q: What major advantages does the Wolfcom Vision body camera have over the Taser Axon Flex and Axon Body?

A: There are too many to name. But the most important advantage the Wolfcom Vision has over all its competitors is its new (CRC) Critical Re-Connect Technology. for more information about (CRC) Critical Re-Connect Technology.


Q: Does the Wolfcom Vision have Pre-Record?

A: Yes. The Vision has Pre-record lengths from 1 to 30 minutes with or without Audio.


Q: Can the Wolfcom Vision body worn camera be charged in the car?

A: The Vision can be charged in the vehicle by either a cigarette lighter cable or by docking station (recommended).


Q: How long as you take to charge a completely depleted battery?

A: It takes approximately 2 hours to charge a completely drained battery.


Q: How long does the battery last if the Wolfcom Vision body worn camera is continuously recording?

A: The battery will last approximately 2 1/2 hours. If using with the Super Pack, you'll get a total of 17.5 hours of recording time.


Q: Why is the battery life of the Wolfcom vision only 2 1/2 hours?

A: Many law enforcement officers are weighted down by heavy equipment. These officers prefer a body camera that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. In order for us to make this possible, we decided to make the battery of the Wolfcom Vision smaller in order to decrease the size and weight of the unit. However, we also have a four-hour battery pack and a 15-hour super battery pack that can be attached to the Wolfcom Vision for extended operation time. For those that prefer an all-in-one unit with 6 to 12-hour long battery life, officers can choose our Wolfcom 3rd Eye body camera as an alternative. We also feel that 2 1/2 hours of continuous recording time is enough for a majority of officers. Most traffic stops or encounters last only a few minutes. if an officer feels his unit is low on battery power he can always charged the Vision in the vehicle via the docking station or cigarette lighter charger.


Q: Do you have back-end software to manage files or assets from your body camera?

A: Yes we do. Please click here for our Wolfcom Management Software.


Q: Does the Wolfcom Management Software come free with the purchase of the Wolfcom Vision?

A: No. The Wolfcom Management Software is additional.


Q: Do I have to use the Wolfcom Management Software to view and download files?

A: No you do not. The Wolfcom Vision body camera can also be used as a plug and play device. Just plug it into your PC and drag and drop files. You can also password protect it so if you lose your body camera, whoever finds it will not be able to access any files in it.


Q: Can I use other Evidence Management Software from other companies to download files from the Wolfcom Vision body camera?

A: Yes you can. The Wolfcom Vision currently works with other management software providers such as Media Solv, Coban, and Data911. If your department is using another management software provider not mentioned, just let us know and we can work with them to easily integrate our body camera into their software solution.


Q: Can the video can be 'live streamed'? Can the video images be streamed live and viewed from a remote location?

A:  Yes. We have designed the Wolfcom Vision to output live video streaming during video recording. Just about any third party LTE or GSM device can be connected to the Wolfcom Vision via USB  cable. During video recording, the video will be saved to its external memory while at the same time, the same video will stream live to a remote receiver/viewer the of the LTE or GSM and device. if you are an LTE or GSM video sender supplier or manufacturer, please feel free to contact our product development department.