Where are Body Cameras Worn?

The number of police body camera manufacturers grows larger and larger with each passing day. Each company has its own camera designs and features, and it couldn’t be any different with mounting capabilities. 

Although almost every police body-worn camera comes with a standard alligator clip that allows the camera to be mounted on the center of the uniform shirt or vest, some manufacturers go the extra mile to offer more mounting capabilities to the men and women who risk their lives to protect us. 

A good example of that is adding rotatable camera heads to the cameras. Not only that allows officers to adjust their cameras to better fit their stature, but it also lets them mount their body cameras on different spots on the uniform, like on the belt or shoulder epaulet. That adds 2 completely new angles of recording that don’t get blocked when officers draw their guns, unlike the standard way of mounting body cameras. 

The magnet and pin-lock mounts are 2 of the newest mounts in the market and are extremely popular due to their versatility. These mounts allow users to position their body cameras pretty much anywhere on their uniforms. Although many police officers have reported the magnet mount tends to fall off during rougher situations, it’s still a very popular option due to its adaptability. 

Needless to say, answering the title of this article is difficult. Each manufacturer offers different mounts and features, which allow for different mounting capabilities. While some departments dictate how and where body cameras should be worn, some others are more permissive and allow officers to choose where they prefer wearing these devices. 

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