When did Body Cameras Start in the U.S.?

Just like any other new technology, body cameras went from extraordinary to mundane in a matter of a couple of years. In fact, it became such usual devices in our lives, most people watch police body camera videos on a constant basis and don’t think to ask themselves when or why these devices came into existence. So, when did body cameras start in the U.S.?

To better understand the reasons behind the development of this ingenious device, we need to think back to 2011. Up until that year, civilians had no way to prove any claims they made against police officers and vice versa. Some companies had enough and decided to come up with a solution to that, and that’s when police body-worn cameras came into existence. It was all a matter of combining and reapplying existing technologies.

wolfcom 3rd eye police camera
The 3rd Eye was one of the first police body cameras in the US!

Of course, the first versions developed were very different than the ones we currently have in the market. They were bulky, heavy, and lacked many important features officers need on a daily basis. After many years of gathering feedback, manufacturers have perfected these devices, making them ideal for police use. With technology evolving at such a fast pace, it’s now easier than ever to have small but feature-packed devices for a fraction of the price.

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