Wellton P.D., AZ, Uses and Recommends WOLFCOM Body Cameras

the wellton police department, in arizona, uses wolfcom body cameras

WELLTON, Arizona, October 23, 2019 ─ The Wellton Police Department, in Arizona, currently has 7 officers wearing body cameras. Patrol Support Officer David Williams says his department was fortunate enough to have WOLFCOM body cameras donated to them by the local community.

“The incentive to use WOLFCOM was they had the community donation, which allowed the community to donate the money so we could get it [Vision Body Cameras]. So there was no initial out of pocket expense to us. It was just easy and convenient and there was no out of pocket for the department, ‘case we are a small department, a small agency, in a small town, and we don’t have the revenues coming in that can support such a big purchase”

According to Officer Williams, the department’s sworn-officers were willing to implement and try out this new technology. “They didn’t have anything to really say. They were not necessarily against it, not necessarily for it. They were just kinda ‘ok, let’s do it’,” said Officer Williams.

David claims ease of use is the main aspect of the WOLFCOM solution, in his opinion. “I guess they are just easy to use, on both [body cameras and evidence management software]. It’s user-friendly,” said David. His department uses the WOLFCOM Vision Police Body Cameras.

The Patrol Support Officer also says they haven’t had any incidents where these body cameras helped them. “It [body cameras] hasn’t gotten us into trouble or out of trouble. I mean, we use it for court and stuff like that but it’s more supplemental to the case. We haven’t had any accusations against the officers that we’ve had to use the body cameras,” said the officer.

Officer David Williams was very kind to take the time and do this interview with our team and claims to be “very likely” to refer WOLFCOM cameras to other agencies.

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