Fort Valley University P.D. Uses and Recommends WOLFCOM Body Cameras

FORT VALLEY, GA, October 18th, 2019 ─ The Fort Valley State University Police Department currently has 28 body cameras deployed and Lieutenant Tatotshia Grier has recently shared their experience with WOLFCOM body cameras and evidence management system. These 28 cameras are split between 14 certified officers and 14 security officers.

According to the Lieutenant, the decision to purchase body cameras was preventive. “We wanted to be protected from the public and we also wanted the public to be protected. Whatever kind of interaction that we have with people, in general, we wanted to be covered, both sides.”

The department decided to go with WOLFCOM because of the complete body camera packages they offer. “It comes with its own PC, you’re able to view the video on different computers and it comes with the 8 [Halo] docking ports that automatically uploads [body camera files into the server].” What Lieutenant Grier is referring to when she mentions viewing videos on different computers is the fact that the WOLFCOM Evidence Management System is web-based, which allows officers to access the software from any computer within their network.

“I like it because you can view what happened, and you can actually hear and it’s very clear, both video and sound. It’s clear enough that you do know what’s going on. In case an incident does occur, we’re able to actually look at it and be able to determine what happened on that particular call. I would be highly likely to recommend WOLFCOM.”

Tatotshia said officers were on board with the body camera program since the very beginning. “They liked the idea [of wearing body cameras] because it protects them as well as the person they come into contact with,” said the Lieutenant.

According to Lieutenant Grier, neighboring law enforcement agencies helped the Fort Valley University P.D. kickstart their body camera program. “We actually had other departments to help us out as far as budgeting for it. They actually gave us funds to help us get bodycams,” said Tatotshia. “We will be purchasing some more cameras so that each individual officer can have a camera,” added the Lieutenant.

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