Richmond Board of Education Closes a Deal for 40 WOLFCOM® 3rd Eye Body Cameras

Pasadena, USA – September 4th, 2018. The Richmond Board of Education has recently received a grant and released an RFQ for 40 body cameras. After thoroughly testing units from different vendors, analyzing features, quality of recording, and durability, they’ve come to the conclusion the WOLFCOM 3rd Eye Body Camera is the one that better fits their needs and requirements.

richmond board of education purchases wolfcom body cameras

The WOLFCOM 3rd Eye is more than a police body camera. It’s a Law Enforcement tool with 4 devices built-in. It’s a body camera, digital camera, voice recorder, and speaker microphone, all packaged into one perfect unit. The 3rd Eye police body camera features One Touch Recording for instant video recording activation. With a 120-degree wide-angle lens combined with HD quality video, playback puts you right in the shoes of the user. With built-in GPS, every video will have Time, Date, and GPS Coordinates stamped onto every photo and Video files, frame by frame, and picture by picture.

The use of body cameras in many lines of work is becoming increasingly desired. That’s been happening because people are starting to notice the advantages of having a way to always protect the truth. Not only police officers, but also firemen, private investigators, construction workers, truck drivers, and many other lines of work can take advantage of the use of body cameras on their daily activities.

“We are extremely honored and excited with the opportunity to help Richmond County protect their citizens with a tool that will facilitate their work on a daily basis”, said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Onruang. “We put a lot of work into designing and manufacturing our body cameras to make sure they are the best in the market and moments like these make us feel like we’re doing our jobs right”.

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