Brownton Police Department’s Chief Ken Bauer says WOLFCOM Offers a Solid Body Camera System at an Affordable Price

BROWNTON, MN, August 27, 2019 – Brownton Police Department recently purchased 5 WOLFCOM Halo Police Body Cameras. The purchase also included an on-premises storage solution and licenses for the WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software (WEMS).

brownton police department body cameras

According to Chief Ken Bauer, the decision to purchase body cameras was preventive. “The way law enforcement is going right now, with everybody’s public perception of law enforcement, I just felt it [purchasing body cameras] protected my officers as well as the public”, said Bauer. Currently, 6 of his officers are using WOLFCOM Body Cameras and they like the idea of using this new tool. “They understand the importance of the accuracy [of facts] and, also, as far as any complaints that may be filed against them. In this month and a half, we’ve used it to exonerate one [officer] that had a complaint made against him. I pulled up the video and he was very, very polite,” said the Chief. “I think in the long run, most officers are gonna see the value of them. And that makes it an easier sell too,” he added.

When it comes to device features, he said they really like the stealth mode on the Halo Body Camera and the Dock-and-Go technology, that automatically uploads all body camera files into the server as soon as any cameras are docked.

“I had been looking at a number of different camera companies and this one [WOLFCOM] looked like it offered the most. A really good, solid system at a price our small department could afford. A lot of it comes down to affordability,” said Ken. “I looked at a couple of the other systems and the maintenance fees, licensing fees and storage fees really made it cost-prohibitive for my department to have it. Whereas WOLFCOM, it looked to me like a very similar camera in quality, and we do our own in-house storage, which, to me, makes it more secure and we can track everything a lot easier,” said Bauer. “There were a couple of other ones that were competitive and we actually tried, but the learning curve to figure out how everything works it was really, really difficult. This one was really easy to operate,” he added.

WOLFCOM Halo Police Body Camera designed specifically with law enforcement officers in mind

The Chief also brought up a very important aspect of purchasing police body cameras that we’ve talked about in this article. “I think public perception is that it’s all government money and there’s no end to it, but that’s not in fact the case. Our budget is really tight,” he added.

Chief Bauer says his department is pleased with his experience with WOLFCOM. “We’re very happy, so far. The technical support has been really good. One officer has been in touch with your tech support and he’s very happy with the way it’s going,” said the Chief.

WOLFCOM CEO and founder Peter Austin Onruang says he’s glad his company has helped another small department with purchasing a complete body camera system. “WOLFCOM’s purpose is to bring high-quality hardware and software at an affordable price to small and medium-sized departments. We’re just happy that we were, once again, able to bring peace of mind to a police department and the community they serve and protect,” said Peter.

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