Lt. Jeff Goad from Milan, TN Police Department Says WOLFCOM Body Cameras Constantly Help Officers on Cases

MILAN, TN, August 29, 2019 – Milan Police Department has recently purchased WOLFCOM Halo Police Body Cameras and Lt. Jeff Goad claims officers are happy with it. The department has also been using the WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software (WEMS) since July 2018 and they like the extra layer of security the software provides them.

Milan Police Department TN purchases body cameras

According to Lieutenant Jeff Goad, the officers prefer the Halo Body Cameras over the older model they previously used. “The 4 officers that are using them [Halos] like them, they don’t want to go back to the old ones. I gotta talk to the Chief, but we may be switching everybody over to the Halos,” said the Lieutenant. “What the officers like is the one button on the front. You just tap the button on the front, it records, you tap it again and it stops,” he added. The Milan Police Department currently has a total of 6 officers using WOLFCOM Body Cameras ─ 4 using the Halo and 2 using the Vision. Jeff also claims to like the affordability of this new camera. “The price of the Halo is great,” said the Lieutenant.

The Halo Body Cameras have been a valuable tool for their department. “We constantly use them on DUIs and drug cases. Once they find out we have body camera videos, their attitude usually changes. If the Chief has a complaint on somebody, he comes back here, I pull the video up and he watches it. There’s no disputing a video,” said the Lieutenant.

For the Lieutenant, the WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software is a key aspect of the WOLFCOM complete body camera system. “I like the WEMS, the security part. On our other cameras, if you know a little bit about computers, you could access the videos,” said Jeff. “With this [WEMS], there’s no access. I don’t see any way that you can hack these videos,” he added. Jeff also claims he would recommend WOLFCOM to other agencies. “I would refer them in a heartbeat. We had a little issue the other day with the extractor, Scott remoted in and fixed it. The tech support is really good,” said Lt. Goad.

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