Police Body Camera Manufacturer announces Body Camera for Civilians

(Los Angeles, California) – WOLFCOM®, a leading manufacturer of body-worn cameras for law enforcement, announces that it has developed a body camera for civilians. Giving everyone the ability to record and document, not only those important moments in their lives, but critical events like peaceful rallies and marches that could at any time erupt into violence.

After years of manufacturing body-worn cameras tailored for law enforcement, the Los Angeles-based company, is stepping up after listening to the call of thousands of ordinary Americans to build a civilian body camera.

The VENTURE is modeled after its sister version, the WOLFCOM Vision body camera for law enforcement. The original Vision body camera was built with features that law enforcement officers and agents said they needed to assist them while on the job. Similarly, the VENTURE is catered to the everyday person and will feature four-in-one functions – body camera, car camera, flashlight camera, and a live stream camera.

“The violence in Charlottesville, Virginia made us realize the need for this camera. People need a way to broadcast the truth to the world. This civilian version of our law enforcement camera is ideal for any profession, students, activists, trades people, drivers or the everyday adventurer,” said WOLFCOM’s Founder and President, Peter Austin Onruang.

“With Facebook and YouTube Live becoming very popular across all generations, we designed VENTURE to be the world’s first wearable live stream camera designed for everyone,” said Onruang. “It’s like having your very own broadcasting studio wherever you go. Just clip the camera where you want, then capture and stream from your point of view – it’s that easy.”

He added that with the increase in protests and marches, not only in the United States but globally, people who are peacefully protesting can use the VENTURE to document their side of the story. Video footage can either be stored internally or stored on the user’s Facebook or YouTube account.

The new camera is billed as “The Camera of the People, by the People, and for the People”. A website for it can be viewed at www.VentureBodyCam.com

For more information, please contact: (626)-794-9000

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