Warning! That Chinese body camera you are testing might contain a virus!

Beware! There are dozens of American Companies that are selling Chinese Body Cameras to Law Enforcement. If you are testing Chinese body cameras, DO NOT plug them into your computers.

Chinese body cameras are flooding the market wreaking havoc on the industry. These Chinese cameras are poorly made using cheap electronic components that burn out after a few weeks. Even worse, they may contain the “Conflicker Virus” that will penetrate your network and allow Chinese hackers to gain access to your police servers. ALWAYS BUY AMERICAN BODY CAMERAS from Legitimate US companies!

To find our which body cameras are from China and which are from legitimate USA companies, you need to go to www.BodyCameraReviews.com and get educated before you make a devastating mistake.


Chinese infected body camera in the news:

Police body cameras pre-infected with Conficker Virus

Crooks use old-school Conficker virus to infected police body cams

Firm puzzled by body cams infected with malware

Hidden virus discovered in Chinese police body cameras


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