Police Body Camera Aerial Documentation with the WOLFCOM 3rd Eye

Mendocino, California has proven to be the perfect place for the WOLFCOM 3rd Eye body cameraMendocino County Sheriff’s Department purchased 6 Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police Body cameras in July of 2012 and since then they’ve successfully implemented the cameras into their officer’s day to day duties. 

wolfcom 3rd eye police camera

Impressed by the Wolfcom’s HD 1080P resolution, they decided to document a search for illegal marijuana farms by helicopter with the camera.  The results were superb.  Even when an officer is riding in a helicopter with the Wolfcom 3rd Eye body camera mounted on their chest, the device still captures amazing video.

Lieutenant Shannon Barney from Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department has said they are very happy with the Wolfcom 3rd Eye body cameras and considers it to be an asset to their department.

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