The Morongo Casino Public Safety Department is Very Happy With WOLFCOM Body Cameras

the morongo casino public safety department uses wolfcom body cameras

CABAZON, California, October 24, 2019 ─ The Morongo Casino Public Safety Department currently has 50 body cameras deployed and Training Corporal Michael Smith, the Emergency Operations Coordinator for Casino Operations, says they are very happy with WOLFCOM.

Michael says the reason they decided to purchase body cameras was that these devices provide indisputable record of interactions. “A number of people dispute what happened during an incident, saying we did something or said something we did not do. So, body cameras help alleviate a lot of those issues,” said the Training Corporal. “For full accountability, that’s the keyword,” he added.

When asked about their security personnel’s opinion about body cameras, he said “everybody loves body cameras. That was a huge, huge increase in morale because it removed a lot of ‘he said, she said’ that everyone hated.”

According to the Training Corporal, they like both WOLFCOM body cameras. “We love the easy portability. They [Vision and Halo body cameras] just clip onto our uniforms and they are easy to turn on. And the big reason we swapped over to the Halos is the night vision. The Night Vision is amazing. Because we have a lot of situations where it’s dark, like concerts, or just outside at night, and the night vision gives us very sharp, clear images.”

Michael had a few more words about his experience with WOLFCOM and their casino security cameras. “I’d like to say that WOLFCOM has worked very well with meeting the needs of our particular department and customizing the program to us. ‘Cause there are certain aspects, like when the Halo rolled out, that was not appropriate for our department and WOLFCOM did an excellent job of accommodating our department’s needs,” said Training Corporal Smith. “We are very happy with WOLFCOM, we would gladly recommend them to other agencies,” he added.

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