George County Sheriff’s Department is Content With WOLFCOM Body Cameras

george county sheriffs department uses and are happy with body cameras

LUCEDALE, Mississippi, October 25, 2019 ─ The George County Sheriff’s Department, MS, currently has 20 body cameras deployed and Deputy Chief Ronnie Castille says WOLFCOM body cameras have helped them with many situations.

“I came from a bigger department where we had body cameras and they didn’t really have any at all when we came here and it was one of the things on our agenda to do when the Sheriff took office, so I did some research and I kinda did a lot of research online and came up with WOLFCOM and decided to give them a shot and see how we go!”

According to the Chief Deputy, “I think price and the durability [were the main selling point]. They held up.” When asked about his favorite feature on the Halo Body Camera, Ronnie answered “I think the clarity of the picture is really good.”

Chief Deputy Castille said they didn’t have to ask to the city or state for money to start the body camera program. “That came out of my basic budget. We purchased them out of our regular budget.” He also claimed officers were happy to try out this new tool. “They didn’t have any issues, they were pretty proud to have them.”

Ronnie had a few words about his department’s experience with WOLFCOM. “We’re happy with them [WOLFCOM], you can’t really beat the price. We’ve had a few that had water damage and stuff before but that’s gonna happen, that’s part of what you do, sometimes. And they’ve always kind of give us a better deal on repurchasing. We are pretty content with the way it goes. You know, we’re not a real big department here where I’m at. Here, we have to consider what our budget is and we have to work with what’s available to us and this has worked very well.”

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