Lindsay Police Department Uses and Recommends WOLFCOM Body Cameras

LINDSAY, Oklahoma, October 22, 2019 ─ The Lindsay Police Department, OK, currently has 10 officers wearing pro body cameras and Chief Clint Wood he likes the video and audio quality on WOLFCOM body cameras.

When asked if the decision to start a body camera program came from a specific incident or if it was preventive, the Chief said “it was a little bit of both. We had an incident where we would have benefited from the use of body cameras. And then we wanted to also use them for preventive measures also, for the future.”

According to the Chief, they heard about WOLFCOM through a referral. “The city manager for the city of Lindsay had purchased some WOLFCOM body cameras in the past for an agency that he worked at and he recommended WOLFCOM.”

At first, the Lindsay P.D. officers weren’t too fond body cameras. According to Clint, “they were against it at first just because, you know, it’s like big brother is watching over them but then they are slowly coming around.” The Chief also claims to like the recording quality of the Halo Body Cameras. “I like the clarity of the video and the audio works very well.”

“They carry good evidence about you. Being able to show incidences in court, that way the jury or the judge can see exactly what happened instead of having a testimony stated to them.”

The Police Chief said he would refer WOLFCOM to other agencies. “Considering this is the second body cameras we’ve ever used, I would recommend them [WOLFCOM].”

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