Chief Fred Nech from Osage City P.D. says WOLFCOM Body Cameras are Outstanding

osage police department uses wolfcom body cameras

Osage City, KS, October 14th, 2019 – The Osage City Police Department currently has 6 officers using body cameras and Chief Fred Nech has recently shared their experience with WOLFCOM body cameras and evidence management system.

According to the Chief, the decision to start a body camera program was preventive. “All along throughout my career in law enforcement, I’ve seen people making false claims against officers, for either monetary reasons or just to try to get even or something. That was the motivating factor,” said Fred.

Although these devices are now valuable tools for the Osage City P.D., officers weren’t too happy with it in the beginning. “Officers hated them [body cameras], but now they can’t live without them. Over the almost 30 years that I’ve been a cop, I’ve seen everybody face all kinds of things when you’re dealing with the public. I think we’ve had them for almost 2 years now and I think every single officer has been vindicated. It’s been well worth it,” said the Chief. “They are also useful in court. Suspects in court aren’t always truthful. Often, when they know we do have body cameras, they recant and end up saying ‘I didn’t realize you had bodycams’ so they tell the truth,” he added.

Chief Nech claims to like the Vision Body Camera, especially for its size. “The Vision is pretty compact, compared to some of them I’ve seen. Of course, it doesn’t have all the features I’ve seen in some bigger and bulkier ones. But for its size, I think it’s the best match for us. It’s not some big, huge thing that we’re seeking after,” said the Chief.

Fred also claims his department is happy with the WOLFCOM Evidence Management System (WEMS). “The WEMS is a pretty powerful software and it’s been upgraded several times. It very effectively does the job for us,” said Chief Nech.

wolfcom vision body camera being worn by an osage city PD officer
Osage City P.D. officer wearing a Vision Body Camera and an Eye Vision Clip-On Camera

According to the Chief, obtaining a budget for the body camera program wasn’t easy but they brought it to fruition. “It wasn’t [easy] but we got the job done, we made it happen. We had to bite the bullet and I convinced the powers that be that it was cheaper than a liability of not having them,” said Fred.

Chief Nech vouches for WOLFCOM’s products as well as services. “The product, in my opinion, for law enforcement, is outstanding. I researched it for 2 or 3 years and I’m not sure I could afford to get into some of the higher-end products that are out there that WOLFCOM does the same thing for a lot less,” said the Chief. “Your tech support is just incredible. They are so knowledgeable. Anything that’s going on, they are on top of. If I send an email, within 3 or 4 minutes somebody is on the phone with me, and that is incredible,” he added.

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