Chief Steve Benton from the City of Ward P.D. Says WOLFCOM Body Cameras Have Helped Them with Several Situations

Ward, AR, October 14th, 2019 – The City of Ward Police Department currently uses 8 body cameras and Chief Steve Benton has shared their experience with WOLFCOM body cameras and evidence management software.

According to Chief Benton, the decision to start a body camera program, many years ago, was preventive. “We bought them [body cameras] many, many years ago just, to be honest, to protect the officers, plus make sure everything was recorded and as accurate as we presented,” said the Chief.

Steve also shared the reason he decided to switch to WOLFCOM in the first place. “The first time we bought the WOLFCOM was because of the rotatable lens on the camera. And we upgraded to the new models [Halo] we just recently purchased because of the battery life,” said Chief Benton. “It [Halo] is easier to operate, the battery lasts an entire shift, they [officers] don’t have to worry about trying to charge them halfway through,” he added. The Ward Police Department also uses the WOLFCOM Evidence Management System. According to Chief Benton, “it’s an excellent program, we don’t have any trouble with it.”

The Chief also claims these body cameras have helped officers in his department several times. “There have been complaints against officers, we watched the footage and turns out the complaints were invalid,” said Steve.

According to Chief Benton, acquiring a budget for a body camera program wasn’t easy but he made it happen because he sees it as a necessity. “Getting budget, it wasn’t easy, but we got it done because to me it’s a necessity just like a bullet-resistant vest is a necessity,” said the Chief.

Chief Benton had a message to departments looking to start a body camera program or replace their current devices. “Any department that’s interested or looking into body cameras should very seriously consider your Halo camera. It’s an excellent product, ease of use, and an excellent battery life,” said the Chief

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