Why Police Departments all Around the World are Adopting Body Cameras

Police officers have been wrongfully accused of misconduct and crimes more times than we can count, and that’s no surprise to anyone. They are out on the streets, every day, risking their lives to protect us and make sure we live safe lives, yet, people take advantage of that. The police body camera industry was created not too long ago, when a few companies saw the need to bring those issues to light and come up with solutions to protect the truth and bring justice to everyone.

Taking those facts into consideration, it’s not hard to understand why body cameras have become crucial for law enforcement agents all around the world. If that wasn’t enough reason for officers to love them, manufacturers have been going above and beyond to turn body cameras into law enforcement tools, and not just cameras. Some police body cameras can already replace lapel microphones, take photos, record audio only, be used as a flashlight, among many other features. But manufacturers want more. Integration with smartphones and Artificial Intelligence with facial, license plate, and behavior recognition are just a few of the features that will be available in the near future.

Body cameras and in-car cameras facilitate jobs, letting officers focus on what’s important. It’s also beneficial for citizens as it keeps officers in check and protect the truth in cases they are in the wrong. Body cameras are here to stay, and with an exponentially growing market projected to be worth more than $1 billion in a few years, the amount of manufacturer is going to keep on multiplying, making these cameras better and more affordable with each passing day.

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