Pros and Cons of Using a Body Camera as an In-Car Camera

Not every department can afford to purchase body cameras and in-car cameras. That’s why small departments have to, sometimes, cut corners. That means going for a cheaper brand or purchasing a reliable body camera that also works as an in-car solution. Needless to say, the first alternative is never recommended, as more affordable products are, of course, made with cheaper parts. Cheaper parts will break down more often, needing to be replaced more frequently. The second option, on the other hand, is widely used and recommended for departments on a low budget. Although it’s not as good as having a two-camera system, it gets the job done for a more affordable price. In this article, we are gonna tackle the pros and cons of using a body camera as an in-car camera.

Police officers already have to worry about enough tools the way it is, so having one camera that works as two is a plus. That means fewer items for them to worry about, that way they can save time and focus on what really matters. When it comes to managing files, having a single camera to work as two is also beneficial. It makes it easier to transfer, view, and edit files, saving time and resources for police departments.

On the other hand, having to switch from body to car mode every time they get into a vehicle is time-consuming, and for a police officer, every second is precious. If an officer has to choose between picking up the body camera or saving his partner who’s in a struggle with a suspect, the camera wouldn’t be a priority. And in case that situation escalates to a point where they’ll need footage from that body camera and the officer didn’t have it, that would be a problem, possibly costing him his job and career. Another issue would be if that camera brakes down, officers won’t have back up images in case of a car chase or an eventual situation in front of their vehicles.

Having only one camera to work as two can be cost-effective, but it’s far from ideal. The cons heavily outweigh the pros, making that option a last case scenario alternative, only. A police department should always go for having body cameras and in-car cameras, even if it’s slightly more costly.

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