Why Police Body Cameras Have to Evolve

wolfcom 3rd eye police camera
The WOLFCOM 3rd Eye

When we introduced the WOLFCOM 3rd EYE Police Body Camera back in 2012, it took the Law Enforcement community by storm. Within a year, we had sold thousands of body cameras across the United States and the WOLFCOM® brand became synonymous with quality body cameras. Little did we know that what we had developed would set the worldwide standards for body cameras. But if the WOLFOCOM 3rd Eye is such an amazing device, why do police body cameras need to evolve?

Today, several years later, 99% of the body cameras in the market today are based on the original design of the WOLFCOM 3rd EYE police body camera. In the years that followed, I had the privilege to visit several large body camera companies in the USA and Asia. What I’ve noticed is a lack of innovation. It seems everybody is copying each other in some shape or form.

The time has come for police body cameras to evolve to keep up with technology. Police body cameras need to be smarter, smaller, and more intelligent but still allow an officer to use his instincts. Body cameras need to become more than what they are and enhance an officer’s efficiency on the field. Body cameras need to upload flawlessly to a CJIS compliant Evidence Management Software every single time its docked. Its an exciting time for technology and body camera manufacturers need to step up and start innovating. Or they can choose to copy WOLFCOM’s next solution coming soon.

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