Warsaw Police Department Uses and Recommends WOLFCOM Body Cameras

WARSAW, Virginia, February 14th, 2019 ─ The Warsaw Police Department currently has 6 WOLFCOM Body Cameras and Sergeant Eddie Headley said these cameras, alongside the WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software, have been working out great for them.

According to Sergeant Headley, the decision to purchase body cameras was mainly for “officer safety and help prevent some type of false claims against officers.” The decision to go with WOLFCOM Body Cameras was because of “the size of the WOLFCOM camera, we like the most. Because of them being so small, it’s easy for the officers to wear and not really be uncomfortable.” The Warsaw P.D. uses the WOLFCOM Vision Body Camera, which is the smallest and lightest body camera in the law enforcement industry.

When asked if these body cameras have helped his department, the Sergeant said “oh yes, definitely so. Within the first month of utilizing them, the complaints dropped immensely.” Eddie also said they helped with “the sporadic complaints of officers’ attitudes and such. So when we were able to play the footage back and actually listen to how the officer is speaking and seeing the demeanor of the subject, it works out beautifully.”

The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software has also been of great help to the Warsaw P.D. “The software works out like a dream. We’re able to categorize things and group them together, the officer reports. It works out beautifully,” said the Sergeant. According to him, his favorite feature on the WEMS is “categorizing, making it easier to pull up when we need to present some evidence, it’s already set up, I just put it all in one file and send it.”

Sergeant Headley likes and recommends WOLFCOM body cameras! “I’m a very good salesman,” he joked. “Every time I go to training places, everybody looks at my small camera and they love it. We don’t have the Halos but I’m telling them about the new style cameras that are out and ─ with being a small department, my position is like an Assistant Chief for bigger departments ─, so I go to all these white shirt meetings and it’s fun to actually put them into the process of looking at the cameras and so forth,” said Eddie.

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