University of Arkansas at Monticello P.D. says WOLFCOM Body Cameras Have Helped Them Immeasurably

MONTICELLO, Arkansas, November 5th, 2019 ─ University of Arkansas at Monticello Police Department currently has 8 officers using WOLFCOM body cameras and Officer Adam Barnes says these devices have always helped them immeasurably.

According to officer Barnes, the decision to purchase body cameras was “to make sure everything is done the way it should be done every time. It just makes good sense to have them. They’ve always helped us out immeasurably.”

When asked what the main selling point for WOLFCOM body cameras was, Adam said “customer service, to be honest with you. Because whenever it came time for us to get body cameras, he heard about WOLFCOM. He [Chief of Police] had requested material on 3, 4 different companies and the only one that was able to answer all the questions we wanted and even got back to us in a timely manner was WOLFCOM. So, it was just easier to work with y’all and no complaints on the products, so far”

The University of Arkansas P.D. has been switching all officers from Vision Body Cameras to Halo Body Cameras. The main reason for the switch, according to officer Barnes, was “the automatic IR. It makes it so much easier for the guys on my shift when you’re getting out of the car or you’re in a dark environment. Going back to looking at the camera [footage] and not having to go ‘where was that?’. It’s just perfect, crystal clear vision.”

“I remember when we first got the Vision cameras, before the WEMS came out, everything was very complicated, in the early beginning stages of everything. Now, with the WEMS Management system and the Halo cameras, he showed me how to set up one camera, one time and it has been such a breeze to be able to go through there and take 5 minutes and have camera setup, working how it should, assigned to that officer, all the features done correctly, it just made it so much more camera management-friendly.”

Officer Barnes had some final words about his experience with WOLFCOM. “Staying with WOLFCOM now, for the past 4 years, the leaps and bounds from where it first was to where it is now, it’s been phenomenal. I think y’all are doing a good job keeping up with the growth and keeping it user-friendly for the officers to be able to harness that technology in a way that I don’t have to go and take night school to be able to learn how to operate them.”

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