Traffic Enforcement Agents in Ecuador Receive Order of WOLFCOM 3rd Eye Body Cameras

Alcaldía de Cuenca in Ecuador has purchased 50 WOLFCOM 3rd eye body cameras

ECUADOR, February 7th, 2019 - A substantial order of WOLFCOM 3rd Eye Body Cameras was recently delivered to the EMOV Tránsito traffic enforcement agents in Alcaldía de Cuenca, Ecuador. EMOV Tránsito is one of the pioneers in the country to implement the use of body cameras on daily activities, which goes to show how serious they are when it comes to accountability and transparency between agents and civilians.

The cameras were delivered through an event organized by the city alongside EMOV Tránsito in order to present the cameras to the officials that'll be wearing them as well as create awareness about the project among citizens. The purchase aims to assist agents with traffic stops and activity monitoring.

The 3rd Eye is equipped with infrared sensors that will protect agents at night by recording every detail, even in extreme low-light situations. The body camera can also be connected to their lapel radio, replacing the 2-way microphone. The built-in GeoTag GPS chip will make sure to always record the agent's location during every step. The body camera can also be used as a digital camera to take still photos. Its multifunctionality is perfect for traffic agents and will greatly improve their conduct while performing their duties.

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