Socorro County Sheriff’s Office and Police Department Select WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras

SOCORRO, NM – The Socorro County Fire Marshall’s Office recently purchased 34 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras on behalf of the Socorro County Sheriff’s Office and Socorro County Police Department. The purchase included 12 EyeVision POV cameras, 8 Docking Stations, 4 5-hour battery packs and WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software.

Jerry Wheeler, Emergency Management Coordinator for the County set up the purchase. “We applied for a Federal Grant from FEMA a year ago. It was allotted and the two local police organizations said they needed body cameras. The funding was received and we put out a request for procurement. We got 3 quotes and selected from those quotes,” said Wheeler.

“We met with the two agencies and got feedback. The department had already been using another brand of body camera, but they needed to be replaced. We wanted to have one vendor for both agencies. We did more internet research and narrowed it down to 3 choices. WOLFCOM was the top one they liked,” according to Wheeler.

“I talked on the phone with Marko Kova, one of the account representatives and he gave us all the information we needed. We looked at accessories and the cameras and put together a list of what we needed. Using that criteria, we got price quotes and WOLFCOM came in as the lowest bid,” said Wheeler.

“We liked the VISION with the 32 gig capacity and HD 1080 video quality. Also, the long battery life with a quick recharge time, capability for extra battery packs and easy download, the field of view, one-touch record and Critical reconnect. Cost was also a big factor,” said Wheeler. 16 of the cameras will be deployed to the Sheriff’s Office and 18 will be deployed to the Police Department.

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