Lincoln New Hampshire PD Love WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras

LINCOLN, NH – The Lincoln Police Department recently purchased 4 WOLFCOM 3RD EYE Police Body Cameras. The purchase also included WOLFCOM Management Software and radio cables, so the officers can utilize the radio microphone feature.

Chief Theodore Smith said that deployment of the department’s new police body cameras has been on hold pending state decisions regarding the use of police body cameras in New Hampshire. Recently the decision was made that allows that department to use their body cameras, so Chief Smith says the police body cameras should be in use by June.

“We decided to get police body cameras because of all the incidents going on in the country… our officers are all good and professional and we get very few complaints against them, but I do know they could get a lot of flack if there are complaints, so the cameras are more to protect them… we’ve been using our dashboard cameras for that, but now this body camera can go with them at all times, so it’s just another tool they can use,” said Smith. 

“We looked at a lot of police body cameras and the ones we were considering were too cost prohibitive for a small department like ours…. I learned of WOLFCOM when I went to a conference and the guy next to me had a WOLFCOM police body camera, and he told me about it. Then we talked to some other departments who had WOLFCOM police body cameras and they said good things about them,” said Smith. 

“We liked all of the features that the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE Police Body Camera has and we plan to order some of the WOLFCOM VISIONS for our other officers. We liked that everything is in one piece; we don’t need to carry around a camera, voice recorder, and other equipment. We also liked that you can see at night. The video quality is as good or better than most of the other body cameras we looked at,” said Smith. 

“We tried them out first by sending them out with police officers in the field to test. Overall they were fairly easy to use… they liked it and each police officer was able to figure it out by playing with it and testing them out,” said Smith.

 “One of the features that made the WOLFCOM police body cameras desirable was the combination of radio mic and camera. Combining the two takes up less room,” said Officer Michael Stevens, one of the officers who helped make the decision. The department has 10 police officers. The police body camera policy is that they will be mandatory to use for each officer who is issued one and every officer should be issued one by the end of the year.

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