Eddy County Sheriff’s Office Like Multi-Functions of WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras

CARLSBAD, NM- The Eddy County Sheriff’s Office recently talked about their purchase of 37 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras.

“Body Cameras have become vital tools for law enforcement agencies looking to document their officers’ interactions with the public. This is why we manufacture a top quality body camera, the WOLFCOM VISION, to meet the needs of agencies like the Eddy County Sheriff’s Office. We’re glad the officers find the VISION’s multi-function capabilities so helpful in their daily work,” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Lt. Mike Chavarria manages his department’s body camera program. “With everything that’s been going on across the country involving law enforcement, our department decided to start a body camera program because we wanted to be more accountable for our actions in the field and document all of the contact we have with individuals every day. The body cameras also help us with court purposes… for video evidence when we need to go to court,” said Chavarria.

 “The decision to purchase the WOLFCOM VISION was made by the Sheriff and Captains. They saw the need for the body cameras. They’ve helped us out a lot. They’ve been of most help with documenting traffic stops and DUI apprehensions, we can pull up the body camera video in court,” said Chavarria.

The department has 42 uniformed officers. “The best feature that our officers like is using the body camera to take still pictures when they need to. All we have to do is push a button to snap a still picture. They like the ease of use, that you just push one switch and it kicks on….and that you can take pictures and use it for interviewing people in the field. Most of the officers wear them on their shoulder lapel. They work great. For what we use it for, it has everything we need,” said Chavarria. The department’s body camera policy is that they must be used to record all contact with the public. 

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