Chief Jeff Welge from Bella Villa P.D. says WOLFCOM Offers Good Quality Cameras for a Decent Price

Bella Villa, MO, September 5, 2019 – The Bella Villa Police Department has recently purchased WOLFCOM Halo Police Body Cameras and Chief Jeff Welge says officers really like it. Bella Villa P.D. has been using WOLFCOM body cameras since 2012 and currently has 10 officers equipped with WOLFCOM body cameras.

According to Chief Welge, Bella Villa P.D. officers have been using body cameras for years. “Years ago we were having complaints on officers and we decided that body cameras were the way to go, even before it was the popular thing to equip your officers with,” said the Chief. “Every department gets complains about traffic stops and we’ve had to go back and review videos. Since we got the new Halo cameras, we’ve reviewed several videos in reference to complaints and it has exonerated our officers each and every time,” he added.

Officer Stephen Schaffer wearing a Halo Body Camera

The recently purchased WOLFCOM Halo Body Cameras, according to the Chief, are easy to work with. “I like them [Halos] a lot. They are easy to work with and they have good quality pictures,” said Chief Welge. The Chief and his officers have been using Vision Body Cameras for a while but prefer the Halos. “We have the WOLFCOM Vision, those are good too, but these with the new battery, I like these a lot better,” said Jeff.

Thanks to the department’s size, obtaining budget for their body cameras wasn’t difficult. “Our department only has a limited number of officers, so we only purchased 3 of them [Halos]. But the price of them, especially compared to some of the others, like Taser body cameras, it’s definitely a better price point,” said the Chief.

Chief Jeff Welge recommends WOLFCOM to other departments. “For the departments out there that don’t currently issue body cameras, I would highly recommend them. WOLFCOM provides a good quality camera for a decent price, especially considering the competition out there,” said the Chief.

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