Why are Some Police Body Camera Clips so Fragile and Why Should we Change that?

police camera clip

Let’s cut to the chase: police body camera clips break a lot. Often, having a camera that records in HD is the main concern manufacturers have, therefore, everything else becomes secondary. Although that’s (kind of) understandable, pinching pennies has never worked out for any company trying to offer high-quality products. Maybe for non-law enforcement grade body cameras that would be ok because they rely on mounts, but our industry is different.

Police body camera manufacturers have a product that serves a very well-defined niche: men and women that are out there risking their lives to serve and protect us all. Cutting corners when developing products for such a demographic is unappreciative, to say the least. Those clips are usually as tiny as possible and made of cheap plastic and weak springs. Yes, competition is tough out there, but offering janky products isn’t the way to succeed.

It’s understandable that police officers can’t always take good care of their body cameras and manufacturers should take that into consideration when making a new product. Spend a few more cents for a more reliable product for those who are always there for us. Police officers wear body cameras to make sure the truth is always being told, not to have one more equipment to worry about.

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