When it Comes to Police Body Cameras, Size DOES Matter

When it comes to Police Body Cameras, size is always a key factor. Feature-packed police body cameras are great, but they come with a price. The more features they have, the bigger and heavier they are, and police officers don’t want to feel like they are wearing a brick on their uniform. It’s simply uncomfortable, impractical and unaesthetic. Besides, many features offered by most of the police body cameras on the market, today, are unnecessary.

wolfcom vision body camera with mounting clip
Vision Body Camera

After years of gathering information and feedback from law enforcement agencies and individual police officers, we came to the conclusion that size DOES matter: the smaller, the better. And that’s why we developed the WOLFCOM Vision, the smallest, lightest, most affordable, and most durable law enforcement grade police body camera on the market. We know what police officers need, and that’s why we were able to develop such a popular camera that has only features officers will actually use.

Click here to learn more about our Vision Police Body Camera and all of its features, including the Evidence Management Software that integrates with it.

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