Police In-Car Camera Systems Are Now More Advanced Than Ever

Police in-car cameras have been around for a while, but only recently companies started integrating them with body-worn cameras and evidence management software. This integration creates a thorough, easy-to-use system, known as a Total Solution. These solutions allow users to wirelessly connect video recording devices in order to save officers precious time while making sure they don’t forget to turn their cameras on when under stressful situations.

In-car camera system Model: MDVR

Older in-car camera systems were difficult to install, possibly taking up to 4 days from beginning to end. Newer, more technologically advanced systems make installation a lot easier, saving departments a lot of time and resources. These new systems also allow cameras to be activated by triggers. These triggers can be any valuable action taken within the vehicle such as turning the sirens on, removing the shotgun from the holster, going over a certain speed, and more. Leading companies in the police camera industry also offer several options for interior vehicle recording and even rear-facing recording. Interior recording cameras can either be attached to the interior of the windshield or above the back seat of the unit. When going for the latter option, it’s advised that departments choose a robust, reinforced camera as these usually take a beating from suspects. Newer systems are also able to wirelessly offload files automatically once it’s within range of the department’s wifi signal. This option gives police officers one less thing to worry about at the end of their shift but it comes with many downsides. Offloading in-car camera files with an encrypted SD card is still the safest and most affordable way.

In-car camera systems have come a long way since the first versions that came out. Those were simpler times when the whole system consisted of one simple front-facing camera and there were no softwares to manage digital evidence. Luckily, those times are gone. Police officers now have reliable software and hardware to back them up with the truth when their jobs and careers are on the line. 

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