Pennsylvania College P. D. Uses and Recommends WOLFCOM In-Car Camera System

mini mdvr in-car video system has a built-in 1080p camera
Mini MDVR In-Car Camera System

WILLIAMSPORT, Pennsylvania, February 5th, 2020 ─ The Pennsylvania College of Technology Police Department currently has 14 vehicles equipped with WOLFCOM in-car camera systems and Chief Chris Miller says these law enforcement dash cams have been working for their needs.

According to the Chief, these are the first in-car systems they have ever had. “We have been looking at entering the in-car market. We haven’t had any with our department at all. So we tested several units and the WOLFCOM product seemed to fit our needs the best that we were looking for.”

Chief Miller said he found out about WOLFCOM through a former employee. “I had an employee who isn’t here anymore that oversaw a lot of our technical equipment and she was doing some research and she recommended us looking at 3 different products, so we got sample equipment in from all 3 companies,” said the Chief. When it comes to why they chose the Mini MDVR In-Car System, he said “I think ease of use as well as individual cost for the equipment.” Their department also uses the WEMS and Chief Miller said “it appears to be working very well!”

The officers at the Penn College P.D. where happy to get the new equipment installed in their patrol vehicles. “For the most part, they were getting ready to use it, they were glad that we got it. Because, like I said before, we didn’t have it at all prior to us getting the equipment. So, it seemed to fit our needs of what we were looking for in order to get some kind of evidentiary equipment for our officers in the field,” said Chris.

When asked if the new devices have helped their department, the Chief said “yes they have. They’ve been used mostly, obviously, for traffic stops but they also have supported some descriptions of vehicles for other crimes that the officers actually passed during a shift that we were able to pull the data off the equipment.”

Chief Chris Miller says they are likely to recommend WOLFCOM to other agencies. “I am and I have already to a couple of other agencies here. I don’t know whether or not they have taken advantage of it but I know they are researching some newer camera equipment themselves.”

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