New California Senate Bill 1421 and How WOLFCOM Can Help Your Department Save Time and Money

wolfcom offers manual video redaction built-in the wolfcom evidence management software

California Bill 1421 went into effect on January 1st, allowing citizens to obtain any recordings of high-profile cases made by police officers, which must be delivered from 10-14 days of the date it was requested. As most law enforcement officers know, police departments must redact all faces on videos in order to release them out to the public, meaning all departments must have a quick and easy way to redact videos in order to comply with the new bill. The new WOLFCOM Video Redaction Software is the perfect solution for departments looking to redact entire videos in a matter of seconds. Our software is able to automatically identify and redact all faces with a few clicks, making sure officers don’t have to spend their valuable time performing tasks such as this. Click here to learn more about our easy-to-use Video Redaction Software and all the ways it can help your department save precious time and money.

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