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The New Wolfcom Vision™ Police Body Worn Camera

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Police Body Camera
Introducing the WOLFCOM Vision™
It’s the World’s First Body Camera with a 2 Camera System
Utilizing Critical Reconnect Technology!
K9 police with body camera

The WOLFCOM Vision™. is designed and assembled in Los Angeles, California. This new unit is WOLFCOM's vision for the future. It's the world's smallest, lightest, secure, and most versatile law enforcement body camera in the market today. The new WOLFCOM Vision's design and creation is a result of hundreds of pages of feedback from professional law enforcement worldwide and from WOLFCOM's 20 years of combined knowledge, experience, and expertise in the specialized field of personal body worn camera systems for law enforcement and private investigators.


police swat team wearing body cameras

Main Features:


·        2.5 hours of continuous non-stop recording (23 hrs W/Battery Pack)

·        It's a Video Camera that records up to 18 Hours of Video

·        It's a Digital Camera that takes up to 28,000 Digital Photos

·        It's a Voice Recorder that records up to 180 hours of audio         

·        1080p High Resolution recording

·        120 Degree Wide Angle lens with rotatable camera head

·        Critical Re-Connect Technology

·        Future Technology Ready

·        Camera Flash and Flash Light

·        Up and down Rotatable Camera Head

·        Splash Proof NANO Technology

·        Dual Microphone

·        Pre- Record Buffering from 60 seconds to 30 minutes with or without audio

·        Ability to Stamp an Officers Badge number onto Video and Photos

·        Vibration confirmation and low battery alert

·        Video Streaming out for Optional Live Remote View

·        Simultaneous Photo taking during video recording

·        One Touch Record Switch

·        Anti-Video Deactivation Technology

·        Headset Camera Capable

·        Eye Glasses, Sunglasses, Collar, Epaulette, Cap Camera

·        Covert Pinhole Button Camera for Plainclothes Detectives

·        Night Vision capable with External Night Vision Camera

·        In-Car Camera Capable

·        Programmable Public Awareness Light

·        Password Protected

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